How To Apply Wisdom From Books With Nick Hutchison

How to apply wisdom from books is not as easy as you may think. Many of us look for answers to our problems and seek those answers out especially in books, but so few of us actually take those lessons and teachings and apply them to our daily lives.

apply wisdom from books

Nick Hutchison joined me on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

I interviewed Nick Hutchinson, an author and podcast host, about the power of reading and applying what you learn from books. Nick is the founder of a seven figure marketing agency called Book Thinkers. He helps unknown authors get their books out to the masses.

He is the author of Rise Of The Reader. The premise of the book is learning to use the knowledge from books applicably.

Nick shares his journey from being a non-reader to becoming an avid reader and the impact it has had on his life. He emphasizes the importance of setting goals and taking action based on what you read. Nick also discusses the traits and attributes of successful people and the value of giving back. He provides book recommendations for personal development and offers advice for those who are struggling and stuck. The conversation concludes with a closing message about the transformative power of reading.

Takeaways On Applying Wisdom

  • Reading books can have a profound impact on personal growth and development.
  • Setting goals and taking action based on what you read is crucial for applying the knowledge and wisdom gained from books.
  • Successful people exhibit traits such as consistency, perseverance, and the ability to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Writing a book can be a therapeutic and fulfilling experience, but it requires differentiation and years of hard work to achieve success.
  • The public education system should focus on nurturing individual interests and learning styles rather than conformity.
  • Use Smart Goals to get the most out of books (Checkout this post on SMART Goals for more.)

To listen in to the entire episode click here –

Nick’s Reading Recommendations –

Built to Serve by Evan Carmichael

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Go Giver by Bob Berg and John David Mann


00:00 Introduction and Book Recommendations

02:10 Nick’s Journey to Becoming a Reader

04:01 The Importance of Applying What You Learn

06:14 Practical Tips for Effective Reading

08:52 The Power of Reading and Books

11:46 Traits and Attributes of Successful People

17:33 Writing a Book and Who Should Write

24:37 Critique of the Public Education System

27:44 Book Recommendations for Personal Development

29:51 The Power of Giving and Helping Others

32:24 Advice for Those Struggling and Stuck

33:51 Closing Message

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How To Apply Wisdom From Books With Nick Hutchison

apply wisdom from books



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