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It’s becoming a yearly ritual for me to post on this day, just as a simple ode to the work I do. I’m a writer, a content creator and host of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. I’m in gratitude for the ability to carry out this daily work. Of course there are moments it seems daunting and overwhelming as the space grows, but those challenges are met with exponential gratitude for what I’ve sought out to create and build here with deep thought out intention that is a culmination of thousands of dreams and years of hard work and dedication to see that dream through. Let’s do this.


In gratitude for it all, but really It’s the little things. Time has shown me year after year what matters is not the big stuff. And yes of course that big stuff is hard to ignore. My podcast is growing exponentially and that feels really big and for that I’m so grateful. I’ve put in a lot of work. I’ve known for many years I was called to do this on a grand scale. There is so much that life has not given me, but I feel there is a grand purpose for this. I’m not a victim, but feel like I’ve been chosen in some way to sacrifice some of what we expect in life to do something bigger in other parts of my life.

There’s a great and valuable in lesson in not being able to have it all. I contemplate on this daily and my decades of inner journeying lead me here to this moment now as I finally scale my hard sought dream.

I’m here to not live in a preordained bubble of social norms, but expand beyond what is possible for a single women without children. I’m here to have deep meaningful conversations and bring insights to the fore that might help one, two or more. And for the ability to do this I give thanks. I am so grateful.

This space here is growing as well and for that I also give thanks. And while I work on this day and night I’m grateful to have the fortitude to do so. The passion to want to do this and the ability to do this fills me with all the warm fuzzies one could ever ask for.

I’m grateful for the occasional night I get a little sleep cause that struggle has been very real for me. I’ve been going through treatment with the Stanford Sleep Center. Watch my video here on tips to help you sleep better.


So now let me return full circle for my offerings of gratitude for those little things and a few more big things, the things that can be so easily overlooked in the monotony that is life.

I’m grateful of course for family. I’m surrounded by people who sometimes disappoint as is the case with all of us, but today let this be that gentle reminder that they too are human and while they may disappoint on occasion their hearts are full with love for me. Perhaps we should tell each other we love each other more.

I have a little niece for who’m I’m so very grateful. She and I have a very vocal and deep connection and we do tell each other we love each other so much. How full life can be. While she is not my child I love her as if she were and she knows it, well because we just love each other so much.

I’m grateful for shelter, clothing, way too much – I’ll be auctioning off some of my high-end items I’m not sure where, but I’ll keep you posted. That’ll be on the list this year. Ridding my self of the excess cause I have plenty and minimalism sounds pretty hot.

I’m in the thick of a buying fast so I vow not to buy a single garment in the upcoming year. More on that in my 2023 – here we go post. I won’t be buying much of anything just as a testimony to honoring and living in gratitude with a profound understanding and sense of feeling full. My mantra for 2023 – “I have all that I need without consuming anything else. I am abundant and full and all have all that I need.”

I’m grateful for the nutrients I get to nourish my my body with. The 10 Best Foods For Optimal Health And Wellness Here.

I’m grateful for the meditation practice and energy work that I’ve cultivated in my daily life. It gives me sustenance for my mind and soul. Listen to my Deep Trance Guided Meditation here if you are ready to go deep – real deep.

I’m grateful for the beautiful nature that surrounds me and the ability to head into the wilderness and replenish my soul and spirit. Download the Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide here to begin with the contemplative soul work. Or watch my story on Forest Bathing here with Nature Connection Coach Hana.

And for another powerful resource listen in to my incredible conversation on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast | Intentional Gratitude

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast
Intentional Gratitude With Deborah Hawkins | Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Ep. 38

I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life. My friends hold a special place in the corridors of my heart. While I’ve had so many friends along the way a handful of near and dear ones have stuck with me and I’ve stuck with them. We’re kind of stuck together. You all know who you are. 

And of course I’m thankful for those who appreciate the work I do and are able to gain a takeaway or two. 


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In Gratitude | Thankful For The Little + Big Things

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