Unleashing Creativity With Sam Garland

Unleashing creativity is a powerful way to not only find inspiration, but alleviate anxiety.

Sam Garland joins us for Episode #227 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. 

Sam is a Brooklyn based actor, writer, and producer. Her desire for creativity unleashes her greatest anxieties. Sam has become an expert in anxiety, depression, and examining how her thoughts about herself, her life, and the world can lead to success and happiness. Sam works as a creative coach  helping inspire others to unleash their inner artist and overcome anxiety around creativity. 

Unleashing Creativity

To learn more about Sam check out her website here.

In This Conversation On Unleashing Creativity With Sam Garland

In this conversation, Sam Garland talks about the impact of the pandemic on creativity and the fear of judgment that often holds people back from pursuing their creative passions. Sam emphasizes the importance of embracing the joy of creation and valuing creativity for its own sake, rather than solely for its marketability.

Unleashing Creativity

Takeaways From My Conversation On Unleashing Creativity

  • We explore the connection between creativity and anxiety
  • Engaging in creative activities can help alleviate anxiety
  • Managing anxiety can also open the door to finding creative inspiration
  • We should all embrace our inner creativity
  • Be sure to follow whatever dream big or small


00:00 Introduction and Background

00:40 The Impact of the Pandemic on Creativity

02:25 The Value of Creativity and the Fear of Judgment

05:47 Overcoming Fear and Embracing the Joy of Creation

08:09 Fear and Self-Sabotage in Pursuing Creativity

15:06 The Power of Creativity in Relieving Anxiety

20:07 Learning to Manage Anxiety and Embrace the Creative Process

22:26 Finding Inspiration and Cultivating Creativity

28:00 Sam’s Journey and Embracing the Unknown

32:23N o Dream is Too Big: Embracing the Journey

35:01 Closing Message: Embrace Your Inner Creativity

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Unleashing Creativity With Sam Garland

Unleashing Creativity



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