What Is Your Wellness Routine?

Wellness routine. Yep. That’s what’s up. Let’s talk about well being. First and foremost cause this is where it all starts. Did you know that success goes hand in hand with wellness?

Did you know the more you work on your well being – that is your state of mind, feeling mind, awareness, emotional intelligence, meditative work let’s say – the more you get this dialed in the healthier you will feel, the more successful you will be, the happier you will be, the more drama free.

The Wellness Routine

So what are you doing for the soul, to nurture yourself, take care of your not only physical, but emotional and mental state?

What’s your thing? Do you journal?

Do you take baths? Do you meditate? Please say yes!

Ok so maybe you don’t do any of this stuff. That’s not good.

We are so busy constantly looking out for the well being of everyone else that we seem to very easily skip over our own need for love and relaxation, rejuvenation.

It’s necessary, essential even.

We suffer far more than necessary in life. If we get clear on who we are, our worth, our calling, our joy and really start living from this vibrant place of pure love and joy life begins to change for us.

And that is very much enraptured in wellness and your overall wellbeing.

So here are some ways you can start right now – no excuses – 5 minutes.

When we begin to stick with it, you’ll feel airier and lighter and that’s why I’m always pushing 5 minutes on you cause that’s not asking for much.

You’ve got 5 minutes without question so let’s go!

Ok so start with some of these suggestions and add your own stuff and see where it takes you.

calm lake with mountain terrain
Wellness Routine & Nature Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Wellness Tips

Working on yourself – so this could mean physically, mentally, emotionally?

So what exactly does this entail – exercise, a run, a jog, the gym? Sauna, spa? Getting your nails done, mani, pedi is always good for the soul.

Or perhaps you enjoy nature. I certainly do. Nature has been my greatest healer and companion offering me so much love and abundance. You can check out my story on Forest Bathing with Nature Connection Coach Hana Lee by clicking here.

Are you taking care of your emotional health – are you talking to people? Getting things off your chest? Or are you simply listening till the cows come home and offering all that wonderful selfless advice and therapy for everyone else?

Having someone to talk to, release to, chat it up with is important. Find that certain someone – a spouse, sibling, friend, parent, therapist – it doesn’t matter, just someone – anyone. You need to vent too!

Wellbeing & The Outcomes Of A Wellness Routine

One of the most exceptional things that comes out of honoring yourself and working for the greatest good of your overall well being is growth. Yes. You grow as a person. You grow spiritually. You build emotional resolve and you can train your body for physical resolve as well. Absolutely.

You do not limit yourself when you see yourself and your overall wellbeing in this way. The opportunities for soul growth are truly limitless and that will help you discover the limitlessness of your own potential on every front – work, family, home, self.

We have to always keep evolving in life as I always say. We are here to learn and grow and evolve and find our own inner truth in deep and meaningful ways to make it all truly powerful and soulful.

There is no shortage of a need of self-improvement. I promise you this. As you begin doing the work you will find that self-improvement or the inner work as I like to call it is a lifelong journey. It never ends.

So being leading that life of vitality and joy won’t you?

Check in on yourself. How are you doing? How well are you eating? How well are you sleeping? And most importantly how well are your retreating?

Make those adjustments and for more on going deeper – you can get my free course on self inquiry right here by clicking on this link.

Bonus Tip For Your Wellness Routine!

Practice gratitude every single day. No matter how hard or rocky life gets there’s always something we can be grateful for. Let the small stuff go and here’s the beautiful thing the more you practice gratitude the more you are able to let things go. You’re just happy. You are in state of being happy and it’s positive vibration pulls you. Here’s one of my favorite gratitude rituals I have kept going year after year.


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What Is Your Wellness Routine?

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