3 Self Love Exercises To Practice Right Now

Self Love Exercises To Start Practicing Right Now

So I talk about this all the time if you’ve been following me for a moment. We do so much for everyone else we seem to have a knack for neglecting ourselves. Let’s consider self love and 3 Self Love Exercises everyone should practice.

What Is Self Love?

self love exercises

self love is important for a number of reasons. First, when we love ourselves, we are more likely to take care of ourselves. This means eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. We are also more likely to make time for activities that make us happy and reduce stress. Second, self love helps us to accept ourselves for who we are. This includes accepting our imperfections and humanness. When we love ourselves, we are less likely to dwell on our mistakes or negative self-talk. Instead, we are more likely to focus on our positive qualities and strengths. Lastly, self love enables us to give and receive love more freely. When we love ourselves, we are more open to receiving love from others. We are also better able to give love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. self love is essential for a happy and fulfilled life. It is the foundation upon which healthy relationships are built. It is the key to unlocking our full potential. So start showing yourself some self love today!

Learning To Practice Self Love

Learning how to practice self love is an important skill that can help you in many areas of your life. When you love yourself, you feel good about yourself no matter what other people think or say. You are also more likely to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Furthermore, self-love can help you attract healthy relationships and steer clear of toxic ones.

So how can you learn to love yourself more? One way is to start paying attention to your self-talk. What kind of things do you say to yourself on a daily basis? If you find that you are constantly putting yourself down, make a conscious effort to change the way you talk to yourself. Instead of focusing on your flaws, try to accentuate your positive qualities. Another way to practice self love is to do something nice for yourself every day. This could be anything from taking a relaxing bath to buying yourself a new book.

Taking time out for yourself on a regular basis will help you feel more connected to yourself and remind you of your worth. Lastly, try surround yourself with people who support and appreciate you just the way you are. When you are surrounded by positive energy, it becomes easier to believe in yourself and love who you are. By following these simple tips, you can start practicing self love today and improve the quality of your life in the process.

Self Love – How Much Time Are You Making For It?

We are busy with work and wanting to give to others. We are busy showing up for loved ones. There is always someone who needs you or something that needs to be done. That’ll never change – so how do we find time for ourselves? How do we find time to step away from the monotony and love ourselves?

I’ve got exactly the answer and I’ll break it down for you with sincere hope that you will take my guidance and try it at least once. I’m here to use my hardships to help you with yours. There’s no way all this awful stuff just happen to me for nothing. It can’t just be that life is just so rough and that’s it. No there’s more to the hard stuff when we dig deeper. And I want you to start leaning into the pain a little more for your own soul growth.

Self Love Exercises For Singles

Now I have the good fortune of being single – yes I feel blessed for this. I feel chosen. I feel God has given me ample blessings by teaching me how to be whole alone and how to go inward to gain better understanding of myself and life and all of the struggles.

Sure I’ve loved, but I’ve been broken in the process and returning to wholeness is a long journey, sometimes far longer than we can ever imagine.

I have overcome so much trauma that I’ve had to lean into God and lean into love probably far more than the average person. (Greatest Advice I Was Ever Given.)

I’ve found myself asking why on so many occasions in life that I had to go digging deeper within myself for those answers. Because as we know and if you don’t you know I’ve said it before – the answers are inside. They are inside of us.

So while the world may feed us all of these sugar coated ideas and want to lump us in a box with conventional notions of how life should go – it never really goes that way. And for us singles self love is even more important. You need to love yourself and you can love yourself – Yes and be totally whole with our without a man or woman by your side. I am living proof.

I’m confident. I’m happy. I’m loved. And I’m whole.

It can be done. And while it’s difficult for most it takes a lot of work – self work – soul work to get to this point of deeper understanding and greater awareness where you realize the conventional dogma of needing a husband or wife and white picket fence and kids and the whole 9 might be great for some, but is IS NOT necessary to live a happy fulfilled life. Know this.

I’m here to help if you need.

Self Love Exercises For Soul Growth

The self-journeying all the pain has afforded me has come at an exuberant price and that price is so astronomical and actually priceless that I feel blessed beyond measure for it all. I would’ve never gone so deep with my own soul journey had it not been for all the trauma. And I would’ve never had come to discover self love in the way I have and this deeper understanding of life if it were not for all this pain and suffering.

Had I not had so many hardships in life I would’ve just kind of sailed through it and never truly been challenged to go deeper with myself. I would’ve just been ok and lived on the periphery like so many of us do.

However all of those struggles were a blessing. And while we’re going through it feels hard as hell we manage some how. We somehow in those awfully painful times find our resolve to continue. Our strength to keep pushing and we make out on the other end a little harder a little more fragile and little more delicate to the touch, but with a little prowess we can learn from those hardships and allow them to teach us and allow them to let us grow into majestic butterflies who can transform and fly.


3 Tips For Self Love

  • You Time – of course it’s got to start with this. If you can’t get away from everyone even if for just 5-10 minutes then we’ve got a big problem. I want you to ask yourself how you can make this happen in your life. If you’ve got kids – if you’ve got pets – if you’ve got parents – whatever it is that need your undivided attention – how can you set that aside for 5-10 minutes a day to do you? This is serious. We have to make a concerted effort, no excuses for making this happen. It does not matter what is going on – YOU CAN figure this out – 5-10 minutes of quite you time. Ok I’m not bragging whatsoever – but this is a so huge for me and where my good fortune kicks in. I have ample time to myself – where I get to read, write, meditate, do Reiki, listen to music, just be, whatever and it has been so incredibly awesome for my soul. I count my blessings for this every single day and I want you to figure out how you too – can take a few minutes for yourself – do nothing and just close your eyes and breathe. Start with 5 minutes if that’s all you can manage to muster up, but just START!
  • Nature – Ok so this one is kind of cool – cause it can be done with others and will feed you and nurture just the same – ok, that was a little fib, might be a little better alone, but hey I guess I’m just spoiled. The point of me exaggerating my love for alone time is to help especially those of you who are alone to learn to treasure it, honor it, feel the blessings. And for those of you who have a significant other – stepping away from that person for a little while and taking some me time can do wonders not only for your soul, but your relationship as well. If you can – someway some how find some nature near you and if you can’t get into the redwoods, get into the grass, get under a tree, get under the sky and sink your soul into it for – 5-10 minutes a day. (Always puzzled at how many excuses we make for coming up with 5 minutes.) Come one guys – you can find 5 minutes in your day – alleviate some of the social media or random chit chatter for 5 whole minutes of self love. You’ll be so glad you did.
  • Be heard – if you’ve got something on your mind – then let it out. Don’t always be the listener. You don’t always need to be the one giving advice. Get your own stuff out. Call a friend, ask a your mom, ask your dad, ask you sibling, your significant other, your therapist – say this – “I’d love to share about what’s going on in my life right now. Would you be open to listening for 5 minutes?” You’ve probably never said this or asked anyone in your world to just be open to listening to you. Maybe you have, but very likely you haven’t. Getting some things out. Getting affirmation from a loved one for all the love you put in can be so powerfully fulfilling and meaningful to you and your relationship. Ask to be loved back. Ask to be honored.

If you need help or want to go deeper with yourself – then start with the Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide or better yet get my . It’s the first step to learning to be with yourself in a deeper way and learning the magically powerful process of self-inquiry.

And if you just need some help and a compassionate ear get the help you deserve.

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3 Self Love Exercises To Practice Right Now

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