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In The Vortex With Spiritual Guide Andrew Oser

Mt. Shasta

Episode # 10 I am talking to Spiritual Guide Andrew Oser about Shasta a powerful vortex that draws shamans, healers, energy workers and others seeking the light. And we are going deep about the spiritual journeying and the power of self renewal he offers spiritual seekers.

Andrew is not only a spiritual guide, but a modern day shaman.  He teaches people how to connect to the authentic true self by connecting with the “Magic Of The Mountain,” as he likes to call it. He’s doing powerful work drawing people inward.

Andrew first came to Mt. Shasta in 1978 and he says, “his heart exploded open.” He knew that Mt. Shasta was home and he returned time and time again over the years to tap into the sacred vortex of the mountain receiving all of its gifts and power. Finally he officially moved to Mt. Shasta where he has now been leading spiritual journeys for more than 15 years. Andrew has lead more than 1,100 tours and has guided more than 5,100 people. 

He is a former lawyer who studied at Princeton. He went on to found the Joy Of Light Foundation which has served more than 50,000 children and was honored as a Point Of Light by President Bill Clinton. 

Andrew left that life for one he says is far richer settling in Mt. Shasta. He said he knew it was home when he first came to the mountain. He says he feels so blessed and empowered in the work he does leading people to discover not only the gifts of the mountain, but to learn through the power of the vortex to tap into their own true authentic selves. 

You can join Andrew on a guided tour and learn the power of self-renewal and tapping into the wisdom of nature. 

We talk about it all in this episode. He shares is wonderful insights into the power of nature, self-renewal, dharma and truly living from a place of authentic freedom and power. 

Join us on this light filled episode. 

For more on Andrew Oser or to sign up for one his retreats click here. 

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