Triumph Over Tragedy With Michelle Kuei

This is one of those things we all probably wish we could be better at. It’s no secret that life will pose a handful of challenges and hardships, at every corner it seems.

And we’ve all heard that it is not the challenge itself, but how we tackle it. How do we deal with adversity? Challenges? Tragedy? Do we rise to the occasion? Do we crumble and hunker down and hideaway?

No judgement here as it seems I’ve done it all. I’ve hunkered. I’ve stepped up to the plate and met many of my own challenges head on. Life is strange that way isn’t it?

We can feel as though we are at the verge of giving up in one moment and then rise to the challenge mightily the next.

It seems we never really know what we are made of until push comes to shove.

I write about this because I had a powerful conversation with a remarkable light, Michelle Kuei.

She has triumphed over tragedy in the most incredible way.

She was hit by a car at 11 years old and was left with a permanent disability and she has been soaring with eagle wings ever since.

I know very well that her story is not ordinary, but extraordinary. She is living proof of the power of will and the mind and what we all are truly capable of if we choose to forge on.

Michelle Kuei | Visibility Coach

Michelle chose to forge on. Although it does seem she had an extra sense of something special that pushed her along, a little magic and pixie dust……..

She now teaches people how to live their full potential and how to use life’s challenges to discover purpose.

On episode # 31 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I am talking to visibility and confidence coach Michelle Kuei. 

Michelle is a remarkable light who is teaching people how to overcome obstacle and use our challenges to find purpose. 

We all have hardships in life, but Michelle is on another level with understanding life and all of its trivial ups and downs. 

At the age of 11 Michelle was struck by a car that left her with a permanent disability. 

This has been her greatest obstacle and she has overcome it with inner resilience and immense grace. 

She is a beacon of light that holds so much wisdom for us all. 

She seems to have things figured out regarding adversity with this deeper innate sense of wisdom she has carried with her throughout her life. 

Her triumph over tragedy is a remarkable story of inspiration and hope. 

So if you ever have a moment of feeling sorry for yourself or like a victim look to the power within. 

This is the work Michelle does with her clients today teaching people how to let go of fear and self judgements, let go of the victimhood and be your most awesome you. 

She teaches people how to face their challenges head on and overcome adversity in the most empowered way. 

It was truly an absolute honor and delight to have Michele on the show sharing her wisdom and insights with her. 

She left me touched and moved deeply. 

I commend her for the path she walks and the magical way in which she is lighting up the world. 

We need more like her. 

To get in touch with Michelle – at the links below.


Or for some of my other work check out Sues Blues. 


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Triumph Over Tragedy With Michelle Kuei



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