Personality Types With Merrick Rosenberg

We all know personality plays a huge role in our lives.

What is your personality type?

Well according to a personality expert who has trained thousands of people you and I are birds in the world of personality.

How we show up with the world? How we engage is based in his unique ideology of the power of personality, owning it and leveraging it with those around you based on their personality types.

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast episode #30 Personality Types Taking Flight With Merrick Rosenberg. 

On this latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I have another incredible conversation with author, speaker and trainer Merrick Rosenberg. 

Merrick is award-winning/bestselling author of Taking Flight! and The Chameleon, two books about the power of personality.

He has come up with his own system to identify personality types that can help you do better with those around you. 

So what type of bird are you?

There are eagles, parrots, doves and owls.

Each bird represents certain characteristics that can help you do better at work, with colleagues, family and friends. 

With this understanding we know what personality traits to enhance depending on the birds around us and how to ensure we don’t demean the personality types of others, but rather lift them up so they can fly. 

Merrick Rosenberg is the leading personality expert and a keynote speaker. He shares his entertaining and insightful way of learning about ourselves and others with people all over the world. He has certified more than 500 trainers to share his reimagined approach to personality styles that he refers to as Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls. 

Audience members see themselves in the conversation as they enjoy answering the question, “Which bird are you?”

Merrick founded Team Builders Plus in 1991 and Take Flight Learning in 2012. After teaching more than 100,000 people how to use their personality to build relationships and lead happy lives, he identified a pattern that predicts who will win presidential elections based solely on personality. The pattern has been so consistent, it has held strong for 22 consecutive elections going all the way back to 1932.

Merrick has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies in the US and around the world.

A Few Of The Questions I Ask Merrick Are:

– Why is personality so important?

– Why Is understanding personality types of those around you so important?

– How do we do better with this or use this information to help us in life, love and work?

– How can understanding this better help you in your career?

– How can you cope with difficult personalities in the workplace?

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Or for some of my other work check out Sues Blues. 


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Personality Types With Merrick Rosenberg

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