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So each and every week I do my very best to bring you insights and inspiration. And here I am again.

I had an incredible conversation with a very inspiring man – Billy Mandarino. And I’d like to share the power of my exchange with you, the highlights at least.

If you feel compelled to listen I assure you there are more golden nuggets of wisdom and love loaded in my talk with Billy.

We all know we have moments in life where we feel high and then those harder moments have us feeling down in the dumps and pretty low.

Well Billy is a proponent of taking our power and feeling high with what we’ve got.

He believes each and everyone of us has the potential to shine bright and life can sometimes dim our light, but in learning to go deeper you can use those hardships to your advantage and you can sail through those highs with your head lights on beaming out to the world before you and casting a glorious exhilarating ray of love and light where ever you go.

I believe this too and that is part of why I’m so excited to share some of what we talked about.

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Billy embodies this belief as a beacon of light.  He is the founder the of Now-ist principle and the author of The Now-ist. 
Billy seems to have been called to inspire and light up the world with his powerful insights and wisdom. 

He shares poetically about the power of staying inspired, being in service and living powerfully in to the here and now in each and every moment. 

Billy Mandarino is an author, teacher, trainer, speaker and musician. 

Billy believes each one of us is here with a purpose and the potential to be better and give more of ourselves ultimately leading to a more grounded sense of being and deeper inner fulfillment. 

He believes there are treasures that reside within each and every one of us and that it is his ultimate calling to light the way. 

It was a magnetic energy that inspired him to write the Now-ist principle and as Billy shares it seems to have come from outside of him. 

After my very inspiring conversation with him I’m convinced he is living his purpose mightily and that calling is grand and I do believe Billy was  divinely guided to write the book and then go on to share the principles with the masses. 

Billy is passionate, concise and thoughtful and passionate about his message and his purpose. 

I do believe Billy’s purpose is grand and his light bright. 

It was an absolute honor and delight to connect and gain so many powerful insights to share with others. 

Questions I Asked Billy:

How did he come up with Nowist?
Why is it so important to be in service to others?
What has being in service to others done for his own soul growth?
How do we win at life?
What is his message to the world?

To get in touch with Billy or to see him Speaking you can click this link here. 

You can check out Billy’s The Now-ist Experience Podcast at this link here. 

For more inspiration from Billy be sure to check out his massive body of work on Youtube. 


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