Why Women Rule & 3 Ways To Own Your Power

Why Women Rule - And Three Ways To Own Your Power Ladies

So this not up for debate, but women rock and women rule.

We are made the weaker physical specimen in most occasions, but real strength does not come from exerting physicality, but it comes from a deeper prowess that only we have.

We have compassion and are bred of empathy. We have intuitive knowing that seems to elude most men.

And this is not about bashing men. This is simply about owning our own shit and rocking it out to the utmost degree.

We are not victims. We are not having things happen to us.

We are not at the mercy of men so let it stand here today that no man should have any sort of hold on you or the upper hand. You are whole and complete with or without him.

You do not need him for your survival. You need to know your own strength and will and have the ability to lift him up need be.

You need to know your own worth and be able to live single and free – need be.

He does not define you. You define you. Your actions, your self worth, your dedication to yourself and commitment to make something of yourself defines you.

If you are single great. Take a moment for pause. Don’t go looking for a man to fill some void he can never fill.

That void is asking for you to go deeper with yourself and fill it yourself.

That is the void that needs to be filled and if you fill it with the wrong stuff it very well may bubble over.

So fill it with the right stuff and you will see you overflow with love and joy and there really is no void at all.

You are whole ladies – with or without a man.

And some of us who know our worth – while it takes work, time and dedication are more whole alone, we are completely whole and full to the rim with love as a complete entity and whole in our aloneness in powerful ways.

We are even blessed with the opportunity that being alone brings. It gives us an abundance of time and opportunity to work on ourselves amply.

The Three Ways To Keep Rocking And Ruling

  1. Work On You – You are your most valuable asset. Work on that. Build that. Build yourself up. This is what will pay you dividends not only monetarily, but for your soul for the rest of your life! It’s doing the soul work. That’s the learning to bring joy in. And I know you ladies feel me on this. We don’t want all the drama. We’re just playing savior and putting ourselves at the bottom. We’re selfless, but really all we are striving for with ourselves and others is joy. Pure and simple.
  2. Think outside of the box – Let go of preconceived notions and ideas of how it’s supposed to be. Let go of what everyone sees for you or their expectations of you. Let go of the idea that it has to be this way or that way or something’s wrong. No. Nothing is wrong with you. You just don’t fit that mold and that’s ok. You gotta get your own shape and shifting going and fit the mold you feel most comfortable in. Do something unconventional. Shock em’. It’s perfectly fine if that’s what you’re after. No judgements. Just don’t limit yourself with the limits others or life puts on you.
  3. Go Deeper – Ladies this is the biggie! Go inward. Begin to do the deeper soul work so you can raise your vibration. Elevate your emotional intelligence so you truly begin to have a richer, deeper more powerful experience in this incarnation. The deeper you go with yourself the deeper you can go with others.

Check back in for my latest episode of the podcast where I’m having a good ol’ pep talk with my ladies. That’s right. No more excuses. We’ve got this and I want to blast you with a little love and inspiration and tell it like it is. I know you will appreciate all my sentiments. And it’s sad how we lose sight from time to time of our own inner greatness, but that’s ok. Nothing a little pep talk can’t fix.

So on that note I’m fixin’ to preach. Check out episode #3 here.

Sending so much love and light,


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Why Women Rule & 3 Ways To Own Your Power



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