Present Moment Be Here Now

Present Moment Be Here Now

November 13, 2018


Being the bigger person is no small feat.  In conversation today I found myself talking through a situation based in fear.  There was a potential stalemate and both parties feel the other should be the first to apologize.  Unfortunately when two people are being stubborn and both acting from a place of fear there will be no forward moment, just stagnation.  It’s the bigger person who takes the leap of faith and decides to make the first move. Yes it is a scary situation to not know what may result or what kind of outcome to anticipate however in the leap of faith and in the act of surrender you go first and be the bigger person.  You offer up the first apology and this makes you the bigger person.  Even if the other person is “more at fault” it does not matter.  You are acting from your higher self.  Also by putting yourself out there and offering peace and solace you are not only being the bigger person, but the more compassionate. They are one in the same really I suppose.  

Nonetheless one of us has to be the bigger person.  One of us has to lead the other to disarmament.  One of us must walk the path of peace.  One of us takes the high road and in that action, we bring others up with us.  Love is the more powerful frequency of the two.  

Love will elevate and help levitate awareness and allow unity to flow.  This is the power of acting from a place of Divine Consciousness.  In our true power we follow the path of Divinity always and forever.  

In our power and with the guidance of the Divine we transform and become better.  In this transformation we take a great leap into the evervast-ness of cosmic consciousness, pure beauty, light and love.

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Great Tools For Sitting With The Present Moment

There are all sorts of things we can do to help elevate our mindfulness practice. A true practitioner relies on a few good things to ensure comfort so you can elevate your practice. The longer you can sit the greater presence you bring to each and every moment. Not too mention all of the great benefits of mindfulness and learning to be in the present moment.

I rely on a few things – a timer. I just use my phone, a backpack or a meditation pillow and a blanket.

Checkout this article for my meditation essentials and be sure to check out Renoo for the ultimate in mindfulness tools.


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Present Moment Be Here Now

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