Here Now Little Treasures I Treasure

Here now.  Little treasures I treasure.  I’m fully here now.  There are little things I’m unable to take for granted.  Treasures I know to treasure now. It’s only in my awakening I’ve come to learn this.  I know it’s fleeting.  Moments are just that.  Here now for a split nano-second.  Gone in a flash.  It’s this knowing of the fluidity of the moment that I can honor this very moment.  I’m with this moment.  I’m for this moment.  I’m only this moment.  I’m in this moment and very much about this moment.

little treasures

It’s that stream of presence that allows life to be so much more than a conundrum of pretentious wishes, desires, longings.  In this moment I’m alive and living.  In this moment I’m here.  In this moment I’m free and want nothing.  I’m simply just being.  There’s a liberation in being in the present moment as much as possible.  It offers us freedom from wants and wishes, hopes and disappointments.   We are simply here now with what is.

In this presence, we live in it to it to the fullest extent possible.  Wanting nothing more than simply this very experience, that too which is fleeting.  Perhaps it’s wanting to be with it so bad knowing the very changeability of it.  The inevitable fleetingness of it that makes me live into this very moment so much more fully, with greater awareness.  A moment.  Here now.  Gone the next.  Capture the very feeling and power of this very moment.  Treasure it to the ultimate extent.  Here now.  Gone the next.

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Here Now Little Treasures I Treasure

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