Not F*ing Around With Jeff Leisawitz

On episode # 16 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I am chopping it up with author and coach for creatives Jeff Leisawitz. 

Jeff’s critically acclaimed book Not F*ing Around— the No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground  was so inspiring for me as a creative. It goes beyond just creativity and I was so excited to have this exchange. 

I knew he’d have some powerful guidance and wisdom for us all and let me tell you Jeff did not disappoint. 

He seemed to be so at ease with himself and so passionate about sharing his love of creativity with the world.    

Jeff believes there is an artist within each and every one of us and creativity can be a powerful means to healing and wholeness.   

He breaks it down for me and offers some very awesome insights into the importance and power of creativity and what it means to give this part of yourself to the world. 

Jeff is creative, but he says we all are. 

His own inner creative genius led him to guide other creatives to dig deep and bring out their own creativity in empowering and freeing ways. 

He shared so many awesome insights. 

We connected on a very human level and had an incredible conversation about the creative process and its transformative power to heal.

We talk about his book, the creative process and how we can overcome roadblocks and the power of learning to allow creativity to flow. 

Jeff has devoted his life to creativity. He is an award winning musician/ producer, college songwriting prof, critically acclaimed author, distributed filmmaker and internationally in-demand coach for creatives.

He teaches us how to overcome our own inner critic, get over our need for perfectionism, let go of fear and failure to create more powerfully and lead a more dynamic life. 

Jeff speaks powerfully and candidly about the awesomeness of living creatively. He shares this beautiful insight and says,   “At its best, creativity is a way for us to be seen, expressed and connected.”  Exquisitely poetic. 

3 Questions I Ask Jeff On This Episode – Well of course I asked him more than three, but here’s a little preview of our conversation.  

Why is creativity so important?

Why has creativity done for you in your life?  What has meant for you?

How do we learn to tap into our own inner creative genius?

If you’d like to get a hold of Jeff – 

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Not F*ing Around With Jeff Leisawitz

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