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We’re constantly in search of a good hack. John Moyer offers just that with his guided hypnosis.

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On the episode number 28 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast – Hypnotized I’m talking to world-renowned hypnotist John Moyer.

He is doing transformative work by leading people into hypnosis and guiding them to hack their mind and live their best life.

John is a big advocate from his own awakening and transformation that transpired about the healing power of hypnotherapy. 

And here’s where this gets awesome – you can SELF – Hypnotize for free. John himself has hundreds of guided audio programs on youtube where he has amassed a following of more than 200,000 followers. 

His guided audio hypnosis tracks have garnered millions of listens. 

John is a former award-winning comedian who had a profound awakening of his own after witnessing a hypnotist on stage doing his magic. 

In that moment John knew that would be what he would do.

He says hypnotherapy has transformed his own life in the most magical ways and he now shares the power of healing your subconscious through hypnosis to lead a more dynamic and empowered life.  

Hello and welcome to the blossom, your awesome podcast episode number 28 today on the show. World renowned hypnotist john Moyer is here and he is doing transformative work helping hundreds of thousands of people hack their mind and experience their best life through hypnosis. I cannot wait to have this conversation. I am so honored and delighted to have john here, thank you so much for being here. Welcome to the show. Absolutely. And I, and I have to say, you know, I always love being a writer, uh you know, kind of that being my background. I always love plays on words and I love the way that words work together. So I just, I love blossom, You’re awesome. That to me just sounds so cool. Thank you so much.

And it really, you know, when you think about it, that’s what I’m trying to do and that’s what you’re here, helping me do because we’ve all got that awesome in us and we’re just helping them blossom it. Yeah, yeah. So now I’m going to say john, we get started, give us a little background. You have such a fascinating story, your background here. You know, you were a stand up comedian gift, but tell us how this all came about. Well, I mean my entire life since I was a child, I always was passionate about, you know, the creative process, right? Being able to take this intangible idea, thought, emotion that’s inside of an individual and then shaping it artistically in a way that, you know, you’re able to, you’re able to share a message with with somebody else, You’re able to, you know, elicit a response, you know, and in my case, you know, I went to film school, I I discovered my father’s super eight millimeter camera when I was 13 years old and I was, I just thought, you know what making movies, um that’s, you know, that’s an artistic form, that’s a form of, you know, creative expression.

And and I remember saying to my father, I was 13 years old, I go, wow, you know, what do you think about me? You know, going in the entertainment industry and uh this was a pivotal point in my life because my father told me he thought it was another one of my stupid childish ideas and from that moment I’m like, okay, well now that is exactly what I’m going to do just to prove you, you know wrong, and I wound up, you know, I wound up going to film school and graduated with a degree in theater and film screenwriting emphasis. And along the way, while I was in college I discovered stand up comedy, so I started pursuing stand up comedy while I was in college and you know, when I graduated and you know, a lot of other people, you know, in their college, there’s job placement or whatever. Um a week later, after I graduated from college, I was on the road doing stand up comedy, I was I wound up performing um at the improv up in up in Seattle and I had all this stuff booked and and then from that I went on to do some, I wrote some comedy screenplays that got produced and one of which I also, I also directed independent projects, but you know, my passion was always being in front of a live audience, so I continued to pursue stand up comedy and the thing was you know, I never, I never cared about being the richest or the most famous, I was always just about being able to do what I wanted to do and as long as I could do that, as long as I could take care of myself and that was great, but yeah, the thing that happened with me was stand up comedy was I learned in film school, all drama is conflict, right, there’s not gonna be any Star Wars if there’s no Darth Vader, if there’s no kidnapped princess, what have you?

So the way I approached my stand up comedy was the more dysfunctional and the more drama, there was my personal life, the more that that gave me jokes, it gave me material, so you know, here I was on stage and I was kind of an angry ranting stand up comic, talking about all the drama in my, you know, my personal life and I wound up going through a divorce, I was a single parent, I had two kids and you know, while I was able to tell jokes on stage and make people laugh, you know, I was, it was like the, you know, the clown laughing on the outside, crying on the inside and I was just, I was really unhappy as a person. I was in a very, very dark place personally and you know, and professionally that began to bleed over and you know, when you’re, you’re standing on stage at some cowboy bar, you know, and in the middle of Montana bombing in front of a drunk audience and you’re just like, man, what what am I doing with my life? Where is this going, Is is this what I just have to look forward to the rest of my life?

And what wound up happening was that I was performing, um it was on a saturday, it was an event that was, it was an all day event. I did my stand up comedy and you know, the venue where I was at was probably about maybe half full and it was, it was an okay crowd. But then after me, they had a stage hypnotist and for the venue being half full to receive me what I was doing, It was standing room only when the hypnotist took the stage and I just, I stood back and I watched these people that were so interested and so involved in seeing this hypnosis show and then of course the participants on stage and then, you know, afterwards audience members were lining up to buy all this merchandise and everything and I was always fascinated by the mind and I looked at that and I thought I could do that, that would be something that I think would be a really interesting way to reinvent myself. So I trained, I started doing stage hypnosis, but then the interesting thing was along the way I started doing self hypnosis and I started doing meditation and suddenly I realized that my personal life was changing.

I viewed myself from a different perspective, I was feeling differently about life and consequently my personal life began to change. It got better. I was I was happier, I was not that angry ranting glass, half empty kind of of person. And what wound up happening was that the States hypnosis took off. I I went back to the managers and the bookers and all of the venues that I was had previously been doing comedy for and I said, hey, I’ve got a whole new show. And what wound up happening was that I opened myself up to new audiences because I was doing university shows, I was doing high school shows, I wound up becoming a guest headlining entertainer for Royal Caribbean cruise lines. So now I was traveling around the world and um I was having a lot of fun and I was making a lot of money and it was going really well professionally. But then of course, you know, my personal life, I was just in alignment, I was in harmony, I was at peace and I just, I realized what the power of the mind was and then from all of that I began to put content on Youtube, hypnosis and meditation content and sharing what I knew about the mind and what I was able to achieve with the mind, um you know, with the rest of the world and Consequently that also took off as well and I just hit two, I’m just about to hit 222,000 subscribers on YouTube.

So it goes back to this thing where I was able to take my creativity, what I knew about writing, script writing, um, you know, and video production as well as connecting, you know, with an audience and putting it all together to be able to make a difference in people’s lives and that is kind of a very long roundabout way of where I got to where I’m at right now, wow, that is awesome. Well, congratulations, john, I think it’s so amazing that just speaks volumes to kind of, you know, like you said where you are and you’re at a happy place you’re where you’re supposed to be. So that’s awesome, thank you, I appreciate that, thank you very much. Yeah, that is awesome. Now, tell me so the hypnosis stuff and the medication, how have that been something you were always kind of intrigued by or interested in or you know, I in to a certain degree, you know, as a little kid, you know, I remember watching stuff on tv about, you know, hypnosis and you know, it just seemed to be this mystical magical thing.

And and then of course while I was in college, you know at the comedy club where I started performing, they would bring a hypnotist in occasionally and and again it was just this fascinating thing to see, you know, the what was what was possible. But of course that early on that entertainment side of me was just like man, that would be really interesting to do, but yet, you know, it seems so hard, it seems so mysterious. So yes, I was intrigued by it, but at the same time, uh you know, I guess I could also say I was not afraid of it in a way that oh my gosh, this is going to do something terrible to me but afraid of it in a way that it just seemed something completely impossible to ever be able to learn and master. And that’s what so it was this the challenging aspect of it that really Yeah, yeah, that yeah, that’s what, well, yeah, that was the one thing that, you know, it’s like the what do they say about fear? Fear is false evidence appearing real, you know, and and so early on what I say about hypnosis now is my biggest regret is that I didn’t start doing it sooner, not just from a professional standpoint, but but from a personal standpoint?

And that’s really what it was is I, you know, early on I had these beliefs that oh my gosh, this is, this is too hard, I’m not going to be able to, you know, to, to do that, I’m not gonna be able to, to make that happen. Then of course, when I finally dived in to do it, there was still that element of, you know, fear. Um you know, it’s funny because I had performed in front of thousands of people. I, you know, I’ve been on live television literally and you know, in front of the entire world, um but I was never afraid as afraid or terrified as as I was that, you know, that first time I took the stage, you know, in front of an audience to do, you know, to do hypnosis, but then, and of course you, you realize you’re like, wow, I can do this, you know, and then you experience, you know, that little bit of success, that little bit of realization that something is possible then of course it’s all just compounds, you know, and you look back now and you’re like, man, I can’t believe I was afraid of that because it’s possible, wow, okay, so now john getting diving deeper into this.

So you start, you know, you learn how to hypnotize people and you’re you start by hypnotizing other people, what does that do for you personally? Was it, was there like a sense of control or like, okay, I’ve got control over this? Well, yeah, the, well the very first time it happened there was a woman I was dating at the time, she had uh teenagers and they brought some of their friends over to the house for me, you know, practice on, you know, the all the kids and you know, in the living room and and the first time it happens, you’re like, you’re alright, Are they, are they being real or they just faking? And you’re like, no, they’re they’re really hypnotized holy cow. This this actually works. Um you know, and then you know, then of course later on, you know when you do it there is this this part of you that’s like, oh, you know, I’ve you know, I’ve got this, I’ve got this power, you know, I could do this and then you you quickly begin to realize what, you know, I I just took my kids to see Spider man over the weekend and you know, one of the lines you know, with great power comes great responsibility.

Um and then then then then you begin to realize, yeah, you know, there’s there’s a reverence and respect, you know that you you know that everyone deserves um you know to be treated with and you know, especially when it comes to the stuff that you you know that you do on stage um because you don’t want somebody to walk away feeling embarrassed. You don’t want somebody to feel like, you know, oh my gosh, I did something that, you know, I I I regret doing or whatever the case may be. So, you know, you always, I always choose to frame everything that I do within the perspective of it’s going to be a good time. It’s going to be, um, you know, a good experience, you know, for people when they, you know, when they participate. Um, you know, and obviously, you know, when, when, when you do a show, um, when you call for volunteers, um, a good example is this one time I did have a guy say to me after a show, one time he goes, well, you know, you told everybody that they weren’t gonna be embarrassed. And I go, well, that’s right. He goes, but you know, they did some, they did some goofy stuff up there.

They did some some silly stuff up there. And I, and I said, well, doing that with that have embarrassed you. And he he said, yeah, I said, but you didn’t, you didn’t go up there that you you didn’t choose to go up there. The people that chose to go up there with the people that were like, hey man, I don’t have a problem with being up on stage and kind of being the star of the show and being in the spotlight and and doing some, you know, some silly, some silly stuff. So you know, those are the kind of people that when you, when you do get a volunteer on stage, it’s the kind of people that are like, man, we’re just here to have a good time and and we’re up about, you know, we’re we’re ready to give it up in front of everybody and just, you know, have fun right now now, tell me john so are you, are you doing this as a medium of therapy for people as well? I mean or do you do any of that or how do you do this for us? So what, you know what originally what it became was, you know, was was me doing the stage hypnosis show. Um and then from the States hypnosis show, I also went certified to, you know, I’m I’m a certified consulting hypnotist with the national guild of hypnotists.

So I went through the whole process of how do we apply this, you know, in a, in a clinical setting or you know, or therapeutic setting, but um but my real passion obviously was was kind of being in front of and and and helping the masses. So my wife does all of the, the one on one hypnotherapy. So she’s also, she went and certified as well, so so she does that. Um and where everything has evolved for me is um I actually haven’t performed a show since february of 2020 since before the, you know, since before the pandemic. And for for the first time in my life Um you know, since I was, I don’t know, 23, probably 23 years old. You know, I was not performing and I found that I was actually okay with that. I didn’t miss it because what was happening is, you know, simultaneously my my Youtube channel was was taking off. So all of, you know, my Youtube channel now is all about, you know hypnosis and meditation for an individual to be able to um you know, achieve success or whatever areas they’re looking to um you know in their life.

So everything I do now is all focused on my Youtube channel and benefiting people that way. Mm hmm. And now, so you’re I’m going to have to check this out. Um you know, I’ve actually done gone through hypnotherapy and it the woman was amazing and wonderful but it didn’t work for me. So, you know, um you know, I feel like it’s really subjective where One hypnotherapist might be able to do wonders and the other one I still believe in it. Yeah, another go. But is that very much the case. Well, here’s what I tell people. You know, there’s no right way, There’s no wrong way. There’s only if something works for us or not. And and hypnosis is a very relative thing to the, to the individual because you know, there are people starting with the example of stage, you know I I’ve I’ve had people that come on stage and you know they’ve been hypnotized right away. Um I’ve had other people that have come on stage and it hasn’t worked and then I’ve had people to come on stage that it worked for him at one point, but then it didn’t work at that point and then you know and then vice versa.

So what I tell people is, well first of all experiencing hypnosis or meditation, it’s like any, it’s like working a muscle, you work the muscle, you train the muscle, you build up the muscle and we can do that with hypnosis. And what I tell the people is get out there and and see what works for you, see what resonates with you. I mean that’s one of the nice things about being able to go to a platform like Youtube is, there are so many different offerings, there’s so many different things, hypnotists and styles and content, you know that people can experiment with and they’re like, yo I really like this one person’s style at like this one’s person’s voice, I don’t like this person’s style or their voice and then you find something that you go, okay, I feel comfortable with, this works for me and then the more you do it um the more powerful you become at it, I mean there was a time I never thought in a million years that I could have ever been hypnotized. And then when I started to do it, I was like wow this this works. And it’s worked to the point where now it’s you know, muscle memory if you will.

That when I when I get in my position for meditation it’s like my mind and my body are automatically there. I’m able to go from a beta brainwave state down into that alpha and beta brainwave state. And it just happens you know, automatically. And and and the thing is we all go through hypnosis every single day on our own. It’s a natural operational state of the human brain. You know it’s it’s we actually passed through a state of hypnosis. You know when you go to sleep at night or it’s a case where you know it’s like you try talking to your kids and they’re staring at their phone or the tv and they have no idea what you know what you’re saying to them. That’s actually a form of hypnosis where you’re so focused on one thing you’re dialing everything else out and and blocking everything else out so you can receive that one thing that you’re focused on. So um it’s just about learning to trigger that state of mind um intentionally on your own and it’s possible for everybody mm hmm Now tell me so you start doing the self hypnosis and then you kind of that turns into I mean it is you are entering a meditative state.

Right, correct, correct. Yeah they’re they’re actually sister states of mind hypnosis and meditation, what’s happening is you’re going from a beta brainwave state which is the conscious waking state that we spend you know most of our time uh during the day within you’re going from that beta brainwave state, you’re slowing your brainwaves down into an alpha and theta brainwave state. So you know meditation and hypnosis physiologically. And as far as you know the brain or the mind are concerned the exact same things um you know are happening but yet at the same time both kind of offer you know different um and results. And so when you started, so when you first started your self hypnosis, it wasn’t it was more to just hypnotize yourself. Not necessarily for okay, I want to meditate. Yeah. Initially it wasn’t even you know because my you know my initial idea of meditation was you know, you’re sitting in the lotus position and you’re not thinking anything or whatever the case may be.

So my initial efforts were like okay well let’s um let’s rewire my mind with hypnosis. Let’s clear out some of you know the negative programming, the limiting beliefs and let’s replace those with more positive empowering program programming. So that’s you know that was what my you know my initial um you know attempt was or efforts were relative to self hypnosis? Mm Okay. And now so when are you doing is it just kind of a collaborative thing now? So when you meditate, you begin with the self hypnosis or are you doing this separately and that separately or are they incorporated? You know one you know, you’ll hear a lot, especially on Youtube. You know, you hear a lot of these terms like hypnosis meditation or guided hypnosis guided meditation. Hypnosis meditation. And a lot of ways they’re you know, they’re they’re kind of interchangeable because the you know the same things are are going on.

People tend to feel a little bit more comfortable about the term guided meditation. Maybe then they do hypnosis because hypnosis might you know conjure up some mysterious concept. But you know for somebody that doesn’t have you know, let’s say there’s no experience. Um you know if you put on a self hypnosis audio or a guided meditation audio, what’s happening is that you’re having someone guide you through the process of quieting your conscious mind and going down from that brain to brain wave state into the ALF and and theater brainwave state. So you know you can have somebody uh guide you through that their voice can guide you through that like a you know a hypnotist or something when you get to the point where you have experience with that in your mind and your body are kind of trained Now I I don’t have to listen you know to anyone do that for me as soon as I get in my you know my position and I close my eyes and I do my breathing. That automatically is going to take me into that state without having to say anything to myself or hear anyone instruct me mm hmm.

And now john what has being able to kind of enter these deeper meditative states, you know, on a regular basis, What has that done for you personally? You know, one of the there’s all, there’s so much to it that a lot of people don’t even realize. First of all, let’s let’s look at like physiologically what’s happening to um you know, a person’s body when they go into hypnosis or meditative state, you are releasing endorphins, you’re releasing dopamine. So you really are experiencing this natural high, You feel really happy, You feel really at peace. You you feel blissful but and at the same time you’re also reducing cortisol levels so that stress stress is going away. So not only do you feel good, you’re feeling, you know more relaxed. So you have all these emotional benefits that you’re experiencing as well. Then of course, you know, you’re feeling better. So, you know, you’re able to, you know, you’re thinking, you know more positive thoughts in that sort of thing.

Um outside of what you might feel emotionally of course. Um your body is also releasing antioxidants. So, you’re boosting your immune system. I have never been as healthier in my entire life as I have been since I started doing um you know, daily hypnosis and meditation. So you’ve got all that happening, you know, for your body, but at the same time what’s happening relative to your mind, you know, your mind is your brain, your subconscious mind is essentially your operating system. It’s where all your programming is, it’s where all you have all these connections or your mind tells you this means this and this means that and and people, you know, they can have limiting beliefs, they can believe things there. You know, there’s things that we all say, okay, yes, we know what this means and this, you know, this makes perfect sense. You don’t touch, you know, a hot stove, you know that a glowing stove means pain and you don’t touch it. But then we can have all these other unique individual areas of our lives that we can just have a connection and a belief that doesn’t necessarily even logically need to make sense or seem to make sense.

It’s just, you know, that we tell ourselves we’re not good enough. We, you know, we we can never succeed. We can, you know, we can never be successful or we, you know, we’ll never be able to have enough money or you know, we we we tell our things all these limiting beliefs. So what happens is with hypnosis, you’re fast tracking um yourself into your programming into your computer database and you’re you’re literally rewiring your, your mind’s thinking so you can unplug a limiting belief and a negative connection and you can plug in something more empowering, you know, that that is going to make a difference and that’s that’s what’s so proud profound about the mental aspect of it is is that you can literally change your beliefs about yourself, your life, your reality to have a far more beneficial and a far more profound um positive impact on your life. Mm I love that now. So you on your Youtube channel have some kind of for beginners or skeptics or just someone who’s never done this before.

Yeah, well basically the stuff that I have on my Youtube channel and and it’s interesting how it kind of began because initially what I was doing is, you know, hypnotists when they do a show, they always have merchandise that they’re selling after the show. You know, back in the day, it was records and then it was eight track tapes and then it was cassette tapes and then cds, you know, stop smoking and weight loss and stop stressing all these sort of things. Of course, what happened within you know, the mid two thousands was that people didn’t have cd players anymore. So I, you know, I was on these, you know the forms and the platforms where you know hypnotists, you know, they talk about how they’re going to do things and you know, there are a lot of people are like, well people aren’t buying cds, they don’t have cd players, so what do we do now? And then people were, well, we could have flash drives and we could put mp three files on the flash drives and we could sell flash drives to people that way after the show. And you know, I had this idea, well, let’s just cut to the Chase. I could put everything digitally on my website and then maybe what I could do is I could go onto Youtube and put my content on Youtube.

Maybe somebody might come across my content on YouTube and they’d be interested in going to my website, downloading the MP three file. It never occurred to me that people would actually use YouTube as their primary platform um to to get this type of content. And what happened was is that one program on my channel took off and it was sleep hypnosis. It was for falling asleep. So something I had all these people going to my Youtube channel to listen to me, you know, to fall asleep. And it and it began to just take off and explode. And I said, okay, well I’m going to do more of this content and but of course, you know, I wanted to be able to create content that was a little bit different than just falling asleep because there’s other things that I’m passionate about reducing stress, you know, positive energy, that sort of thing. So, um what I’ve done is, I’ve created these programs that people people around the world who are into that sort of thing. Um they listen to me to not only fall asleep, but at the same time, get up, get, you know, get a positive message, whether it’s increasing positive energy, um you know, releasing negative energy, um overcoming, you know, a break up any of those sort of things that somebody looks to do to improve an area of their life, they just simply put on when they fall asleep at night and, and they, and they listen to me.

So that’s how it kind of, it’s kind of how it goes. So, and the good thing is, is, you know, it could be a first timer. You don’t have to have any experience, you can just go there and you can just listen to something and then it just happens, wow, okay, john, so I have sleep problems and this is so serendipitous because we’re having this conversation, you and I this morning and I’m going to try to have you help me put me to sleep tonight, so I’m going to be listening to your stuff, it’s, it’s amazing. And, you know, that’s because the thing is when we, when we climb into bed going to sleep at night, um we’re naturally designed to go through the, you know, go from a beta brainwave state down into that alpha and theta brainwave state and then down into a delta brainwave state. The thing is, you know, what we see now is that we’re so overstimulated relative to, you know, our phones and our computers and the television and and all of that stuff that it’s really, really difficult for a lot of people to be able to shut their minds off at night.

So yeah, I guide them, guide them through that. And now the interesting thing and the unique thing about the content that I do that I found is that um there are a lot of people that like to have me, you know, guide them down into that into that state, but at the same time they like the stuff to keep on going. Um So most of my content is eight hour long content where it guides somebody kind of threw that relaxation process that some people call it a sleep talk down or you know, that hypnotic induction and then we speak to whatever the area is that somebody’s looking to um you know, make it make a difference in. And then what happens is is that primarily the main portion of my content, The first Hour, maybe hour and 15 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes is the original part of the content. And then what will happen is after that is there’s the remainder time, it’s it’s just kind of on a loop that plays, you know in the background.

Now, the thing now the thing that happens is when we enter that Alpha and theta brainwave state, that’s when our mind is most receptive to receiving suggestions to be able to make the change. So we harness that point before somebody falls asleep and then we speak to that area that they’re looking to change. Now, obviously when somebody goes down into a delta brainwave state, um, things operate a little bit differently than as opposed to an alpha. Theta brainwave state. Um, so, you know, hearing something in the background um for some people, you know, it it’s beneficial and, you know, for other people, it just happens to be there. But there are Youtube’s all about subsets of subsets of subsets, people that are into a very specific thing. So I found that, you know, the people that are into my content or people that like to have an eight hour long content that they can fall asleep too. And then I hear from people all the time, it’s like, oh, I I woke up at 3 30 in the morning, but your voice was right there and I fell right back to sleep and I, you know, I feel great and you know, and, and of course it could work the same way to, like, at least with me, like I’m somebody that can’t listen to something consistently for eight hours.

But what will happen with me is I’ll put something on and it’ll relax me. It’ll take me down, um speak to the issues that I’m working, you know, to, to resolve and or you know, improve and then put me off to sleep and then lots of times maybe 234 hours later I might lightly wake up in the middle of the night and I hear it and I just press the off button, you know, and I just, you know, I’m right back to sleep. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s not even an issue. Um so, but, and it’s one of those things I just tell people, you know, experiment and try, you know, see what, see what works for you. Mm hmm Now john tell me so for you, with all of this work you’re doing, what is your ultimate, like what would be the ultimate area or where you want to kind of help people make this shift or transform or what’s that kind of end goal for you? You know, my whole thing is about allowing people to realize how much power that they really do have within themselves, how their lives are literally something that they can create according to their own preference, their own design, their own passions.

Um it’s about, you know, showing people that life is not something that just happens to you, life is something that happens for you that you can create and that you can enjoy. And that, you know, the interesting thing is, is that really has always been my passion since I was a little kid. It was about, you know, when I was really little, I always enjoyed making people laugh and just being the, you know, just kind of the, the class clown because I felt like I was instilling a positive and emotional, you know, effect for somebody by making them laugh. And then later on, you know, it was um you know, it was film because I, I produced All right, you know, I had written, you know, these various um you know, comedy scripts that always kind of had a message. There was always, I was always looking to, you know, have something to take away that somebody could um you know, that they could receive. Years ago I worked with a comedian named Jack Mayberry who at one point he was one of the comics that had like the most appearances on the tonight Show.

And he said to me, he said, when you tell a joke, it’s like giving a gift, you’re giving a gift to somebody and that you’re receiving it, they’re appreciating it there, you know, enjoying it. So that’s how I’ve always kind of viewed my perspective, you know, about art. So for me now it’s, you know, whether it’s, you know, the stuff that I, you know, that create on Youtube, it’s sharing my creative abilities, taking my creative abilities um, and and fashioning them in a way that somebody can receive something that is a, you know, that that’s a benefit for them and the interesting thing too is that the guys that I’ve, these were guys that I went to film school with, that I, you know, I had done my independent films with um you know, they’ve come back to me and they’re like, dude, it’s let’s let’s make another movie now, it’s time to make another movie. And what’s interesting is that now that um I feel like I have this much broader perspective about life and you know, the power of the mind and energy and individuals. So I feel like I have some, some really interesting things and messages that I could share now, not just in what I do on Youtube, but also um you know, relative to um you know movies and of course now it’s you know, the movie that I wrote, produced and directed, it was 15, 15 years ago um that was when it was just go to the movie theaters and then something comes out on DVD But of course now there’s so many more platforms was so many more opportunities and avenues to be able to um you know, to, to put a movie out there.

So you know, it’s just continuing to use my creative talents and gifts in a way that I can benefit people’s lives by making, allowing them to feel good and empowering themselves so that they can continue to allow themselves to feel good mm mm mm mm I love that, that is so beautiful, john like so your hair having, learning about your own mind and subconscious and all of that through your work and training and having your own awakening. You want to put that back out there for people that Exactly right. And you know, it’s so funny because when I was younger, when I was in college I was meticulous, you know, not a, not a diary, but I, you know, I had a journal when I, when I got into college, I never journal when I was a kid, but when I got into college um I journal quite a bit for five or six years of my life. It’s not something that I had done in in a very long time, but I look back on the things that I wrote earlier and I had this experience right out of college, I was 24 years old and I was working at a temp job, it was before, you know, comedy had, you know, taken off for me um you know, where I was still, I could perform but yet there was times when I wasn’t performing and not making money and I had to do a temp job and I was working this really lousy temp job at some printing company, right, I would come home and there was ink and stuff all over me and I and I just found this because I was going through some boxes in the basement, I pulled out my own journal and I found an entry, I think it was September 1994, I was 24 years old.

And I was writing about how I hated doing this temp job and it had me thinking about how I was going to move forward with my life and and you know, a career and making money. And I and I wrote this line about that in there that I and I used my name, I said I am john Moyer and I’ve always believed that I am destined to make a positive impact on humanity. And I had completely forgotten that I had ever wrote that. And I I pulled it out the other day and my wife was reading it, my wife was like Holy Cow, look what you wrote when you were 24 years old and look where you’re at now and what your you know what you’re doing, um you know, four people and with people by putting this stuff out that that you know that you put out there. And what’s interesting is that of course, I never, you know, I never believe, you know, I had never in a million years would have ever believed that I am where I am at now. Um and of course the thing is is that it’s better than what I ever thought I would have been, I’m loving life and enjoying life and I’m I’m doing exactly what I said, I was going to do, you know when I when I was 24 years old.

So um it’s kind of an interesting thing that, you know, you look back and you, you’re like, wow, I said this then and I’m doing it now, wow, oh my God, that is awesome, john I love that, I am feeling so inspired because you’re just happy and I love that you’re doing what you’re doing and you’re making an impact, I appreciate that Yeah, and and you know, and the one thing that, that you know, that I kinda want to share their and this is something that I share with um you know, it’s one of the common themes and a lot of the programs that I put together is, is to let go of, you know, judgment and you know, the analogy that I use is that you know, if I were to say to somebody four or or blank plus blank equals four, most people are going to go two plus two equals four um or you know three plus one or five minus one equals for whatever the case may be, but you know, there’s an literally an infinite amount of mathematical combinations that can equal the number four and it’s the same thing in life is that we, we tend to think this has got to be this way in order for me to feel good or to feel successful or to be successful.

This circumstance has to be this way these people have to be this way when in reality, if we just we let all that go and we just allow ourselves to realize that there are an infinite combinations of things that can show up in our life to sustain us in those emotional states that you know that we prefer because in, you know, reality, we, we want to accomplish a goal, not for the physical aspect of doing it, but because of what the end result is is the emotional state that we’re going to be in. You know, people want to feel happy. They, they prefer to feel good, they prefer to feel safe and secure and blissful and joyful in love. And sometimes, you know, we put these blinders on that, think all these things have to be exactly this way in order for us to feel this way, just let go of thinking that things have to be a certain way, Focus on the emotional state and then you will be pleasantly surprised at how things completely unexpected show up in your life that sustain you, not only in that emotional state but sustain you and you know, more joy, more peace, more happiness than you could have ever imagined possible.

Mm Oh my God, that was awesome, john now, you know, I’m going to have links. So I was you just said what I was going to ask you, but I’m going to be redundant. But so I’m going to have links to all of your stuff for people And um you know, in closing just a last bit of wisdom, a message tip, Whatever you want to leave people with just you know, believe and know for a fact that you know, we all have the power within us. You know, I, I tell people that you know when it comes to you know, changing your mind in terms of, you know, your beliefs, your behaviors, that sort of thing. I tell people that changing your mind is the hardest easiest thing you will ever do. And it’s so hard because people cannot believe that it’s so easy and it really is easy. Just, you know, once you just, you dive in there and you start to put forth a little bit of effort. Um you know, to make those changes then what you realize is that it, it just compounds and you’re like holy cow, I I really can do this.

I really, I can experience this. This is, this is possible And you know, so just believe in yourself and know that, that you really can do those things that you prefer to do. Mm hmm. Oh my God john you have been so inspiring and so insightful and so awesome. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate being here. So thank you so much for the opportunity. Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you so much. John Absolutely


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