2022 Thoughts, Feelings, and Aspirations

It is my greatest wish that this glorious New Dawn that has set this morning upon us allow us all to lean into prosperity, whatever sorts we long for. And let wish be met with even greater optimism and joy for all that lay ahead. Abundance is ours as we see fit.

Whether that be monetary wealth, emotional health, or a great magnitude of movement in whatever aspiration we are working towards.

It seems there is something different about 2022. It seems we are more learned. Perhaps more weary, but more ready. We are more tolerant, more accepting it feels.

More Thoughts On 2022

Something is different.

I love the number from a numerology standpoint cause it is lucky. 2+0+2+2=6

And then legend has it that any number that can be equally divisible by the power of 3 is lucky. So I’m hopeful and sincerely feeling some sense of something good coming.

For those of us who have been putting in the work, doing the labor, with little to no rewards, but showing up for our dream day in and day out it is inevitable it will come to pass.

And while that may not happen all at once in 2022 I believe we may get some glimpses of it, some little valid affirmations of our hard work and heart’s desire coming to fruition.

This year we must make room for more growth, more soul growth. We must make room for acceptance, levels of maturity and open heartedness we didn’t allow in 2021.

This year has a ring to it of sorts.

And on this once in a lifetime day marked 1-1-2022 we start anew.

We can be in awe of the life we’ve been given. We can live more vicariously knowing we carry gratitude in ways we did not before.

We can push forward towards that dream with certainty of a positive outcome in the days and moths to come. And with even greater certainty of promise. A promise of a brighter tomorrow by way of the gratitude and love we bring to this moment. This love that sits here with us now, this love we carry with us today and tomorrow, will blossom ever more tomorrow. Love always amplifies as long as you live into that vibratory frequency of warmth and the resonance of wholeness, whole heartedness surely multiplies in this way.

I’m confident the affirmations of what we seek will find us. That is after all the way of the world.

It is my sincere hope and deepest desire that each and every soul is blessed with love, joy, peace and the wherewithal to grow from the hard stuff.

And irrespective of that – let the hard stuff keep you soft and open.

Let the love flow in all directions to and fro and whichever way it may go.

Let us work to love more in 2022.


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2022 Thoughts, Feelings, and Aspirations

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