Power Way - Dealing With A Looming Crisis - Covid 19

So in life there are always options. We can deal with things two ways.

We can deal with them powerfully or not so powerfully. I want to share my thoughts on the covid 19 crisis and how we can best deal with what is going on powerfully.

I share because I feel my years of learning and training to get through life has helped me have great insights from some of the greatest sages. Also I’ve had my fair share of trauma so I feel the first hand experience has also given me the grit and tenacity to forge ahead.

What Are We Facing?

So in sharing here I do not want to make light of anyone’s fears or trepidation to be out and about in the world like “normal.” Whatever that means at this point.

I first think you may already know that I’m a former network journalist. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve covered hundreds of stories and produced hundreds of newscasts from scratch to timing it out before the network takes back over. Literally – I’ve been there done that for ABC, CBS and independent stations.

I’ve also worked for a couple of Fox affiliate and it’s not what you think. They are independently owned so we have our own agenda.

My purpose in sharing this is that as a network journalist I’ve faced a lot of high stress situations where it appeared all hell was breaking loose, but maintain calm. This is part of being a journalist. You want all the crazy stuff and tight deadlines and pressure coming at you and for the most part you absorb it, take it, process and decipher it down in to bite size facts.

What we are facing here is a serious threat and we are being asked to self-isolate. This is the most exceptional part of this story for me. Unfortunately we are being misinformed and ill informed on many fronts. We have leaders – one at the helm who does not know anything about the seriousness of this and has made light of it time and time again. This in and of itself is a far greater threat than a virus we will surely get a hold on.

If you see how other nations have dealt with it you will see it is possible to get a handle on it. And I assure we will.

The scary thing is a lot of medical professionals also don’t sincerely know all the facts. This is a new threat, one that is still being understood. They are saying a vaccine is at least a year out. So I believe it’s the unknowns that are scary.

It’s the not knowing all of the details that makes it more of a mystery and threat.

As we continue learning and discovering more details about covid19 we’ll surely have more peace of mind.

The Powerful Way For Dealing With A Looming Crisis

And yes there are powerful ways to handle this and un-powerful ways to deal with this crisis.

The powerful way is taking pro-active measures. The first most powerful thing to do is be vigilant. Self-isolate. Wash your hands more frequently. Don’t touch your face. Enter total present awareness after being in public and make sure you are not rubbing or touching your face without washing your hands.

Get your fruits and veggies home and give those a good wash as well. Also wipe down packaged foods.

Be out less. Socialize less. Exercise extreme vigilance.

The Un-Powerful Way

The un-powerful way is to feed into all of the paranoia. Again not here to distill fear. It’s ok to be a little scared and concerned, but it is not powerful. I promise you. I’m an energy worker and this is needing us to understand deeply that we are facing something yes, so don’t discredit it whatsoever.

However feeding into the fear and the over abundant news that is sensationalizing the pandemic is not a good way to react. And that’s simply it – if you read something that has the pure intent of sensationalizing the crisis – and you allow panic to take hold then you begin in way to contribute to the immensity of the problem.

Buying up everything is only adding more turmoil to the pandemic. We are being selfish and allowing our fear to take hold.

Yes experts are saying to self isolate and stay in doors. Socialize less. Be vigilant after your grocery run. However they are not saying go buy everything up and stock pile a bunch of food so others are left scrambling. We are adding to the crisis when we operate in this way.

I first hand know of several people who are running around looking for basic items because others took the liberty to have them all for themselves. This is not a powerful way to get through a pandemic.

When we live selfishly we impact others in negative ways. Please think about it.

looming crisis

Tips And Actions That Will Help You Deal With Covid 19

Let’s work together on this and distill fears of our loved ones. Let’s remind them to be vigilant in their way at this time. However let’s also remind them and everyone that we are going to get through this.

Here’s what I’m continuing to do that I hope you will consider adding to your daily regimen.

For me the beauty in this is it affirms that the time I take to do this each day is well worth it.

I do this anyway every single day and I feel the enormous benefits of it and I know it will help you too.

  1. Meditate – the health benefits are enormous. My dna is changing and it’s slowing down the aging process. It also is helping keep the blood flow and circulation all regulated which helps ward off so many other ailments. Bonus – I’m able to maintain a state of calm even during a pandemic. I’m less reactive. Checkout this post if you are just beginning meditation.
  2. Yoga Breathing Techniques – I do several different techniques but my daily go to is ten minutes of – alternate nostril breathing. This builds up the lungs where most ailments are born. There is a reason yogis never get sick and live exceptionally long lives. Do I consider myself a yogi? Yes. And I seldom get sick!


My thoughts are this – if there is something scary out there that can make us sick and spread like wildfire there is no power in panicking about it. The powerful way forward is trying to understand how we calmly do our best to manage it and keep it at bay and how we can help those around us not feed into fear and paranoia. Let us lead by example and be the voice of reason in this uncertain time. Let us walk assuredly knowing our calm and resolve will get us through it.

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