How And Why You Need To Stop Beating Yourself Up

How & Why You Need To Stop Beating Yourself Up For Your Past

February 6, 2020

Question: How do I stop hating myself for something I did in the past and cannot change?

My Response: You learn to let it go. Learn the lesson. Look at it as a lesson for your soul growth. If you sit there and woe in it that is not powerful.

Understand that thing that happened. You are a conscious being and that is why you have remorse. Now understand it deeply. Learn from that and make yourself untouchable.

Forgive yourself. That’s life. We’ve all done things we wish we could take back.

Spending the rest of your life in remorse of it is not powerful. You are not here to be sad and mopey. You are here to move on powerfully.

You are here to be your most awesome you. Tap in to life on a deeper level. Get in to nature. Listen to inspiring things.

Stop focusing on what does not serve you. Focus on things that will help you and empower you.

There is greatness inside of you. Focus on that. Let it go.

Be your most awesome you. Live your most awesome life now. You are so worthy to be all you can be and have your most awesome life. Stop wasting time living in the past.

Every moment you spend thinking about the past is a moment you deprive yourself of in the here and now.

It’s ok. You are only human. You’ve beaten yourself up for it enough. Now it’s time to move on.

Now is all you have. Yesterday is gone. Live powerfully in the now.

So as a part of a new series of posts I offer helpful self improvement, self help, health and wellness tips so you can do better and feel better.

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How And Why You Need To Stop Beating Yourself Up

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