Stuck In A Rut | How To Get Unstuck

I’m Feeling Stuck

So one of the things I do is answer a lot of questions. And I spend my days doing my best to share inspiration, helpful tips and helpful hacks to be your most awesome you.

So let me ask you are you stuck in rut? Do you feel helpless? Do you want to know how to get unstuck.

I had this question presented to me and while this one was about weight my answer applies to everyone who feels stuck.

Here’s the question I was asked –

“I have always heard the phrase you should love yourself at any size”, but I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. Can losing weight help me love myself more?

How To Get Unstuck

Here’s my candid, honest and heartfelt answer.

Hi there. Thank you for your question. So you have options my friend. You get to choose to start loving yourself for who you are on the inside. Think about all of your awesome characteristics and the love you hold inside cause that’s truly what matters. What’s on the outside does not really matter. It’s the inside that counts. So start there by loving you for who you are not what you look like. It won’t matter if you lose weight if you don’t like what’s inside. They are plenty of people who are obsessed with working out and looking great on the outside who are pretty miserably on the inside.

You don’t like yourself on the outside cause that’s what the world around you projects. You believe cause you have been lead to believe through movies, tv, and social media that looking good means losing weight.

However the beauty of this is, to ask yourself, go deep with yourself and ask yourself how much you really love yourself? Cause when you love yourself you want to lose weight cause it’s healthy to do so. Not for superficial reasons. You want to do it cause it will make you feel better physically, not because it will make you look better. That may make you feel better about yourself as well, but again we’d be entering superficial territory with that one.

Here’s why I think starting on the inside is huge cause once you start loving yourself for who you are irrespective of your weigh first you are going to start honoring yourself. You will begin honoring your mental health. You will begin taking better care of what you eat and what you put in your body cause you love yourself. You will begin to go deeper with yourself and understand that your body is a temple to be respected, honored and nourished with amazing foods that are good for your health, your digestive health, your cardiovascular health, your longevity.

But when we don’t love ourselves we don’t take care of any part of ourselves. So start by going inward and loving yourself first. Honor yourself and you will begin to want to honor all of yourself. You will want to get into shape not for others, but for yourself cause you are worthy. You deserve to be healthy and in the most optimal physical and mental condition of your life.

Check out some inspirational stuff – like the Rich Roll podcast. He has a lot of guests on there who talk about healthy eating and healthy habits. The more you listen the more you’ll learn and the more you listen the more it will make sense. You owe yourself at least this much. You owe it to yourself to learn, grow and evolve. That’s why you’re here.

And here’s the last thing I will say – you are not here to be sad and mopey. You are not here to be a victim and feel sorry for yourself and feel bad about how you look. You are here to be your most awesome you. Believe you are worthy of a happier life where you love yourself. Truly believe that and then get after it. It’s a mindset shift. It’s going deep within. Asking yourself the hard questions. Why do you feel stuck? Why do you struggle with weightless? Why don’t you care enough to take action? Why do you not feel worthy to be your most awesome you?

That’s why you’re here. Plain and simple. To be your most awesome you.

Download the Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide here to start to go deeper with yourself.

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Three Hacks To Get You Going Deeper and Feeling Less Unstuck

  1. Start going deeper with yourself. It truly starts here. You have to learn to contemplate to get to the heart of your matter. Why do you feel stuck? Why do you not love yourself? What happened? Is it a trauma? Is it a past hurt that you are unable to let go of? If you can’t get clear on why you feel this way you will just continue feeling bad about life and continue feeling sorry for yourself making it impossible to get out of a rut. Journaling can be a great exercise for this. Just be with yourself and let out some of your deepest emotions. This is my go to for this exercise. Investing in a nice journal may be a catalyst to helping you take this practice more seriously. I know when I buy a nice notebook or journal for myself I’m super excited to put it to use.

2. Getting into nature. This is one of the most powerful things we can do for our mind, bodies and souls. There are so many enormous benefits to getting into nature. Science backed data shows the immense power of getting into nature and reducing symptoms of depression.

Here’s a previous story from the blog on what the transcendentalists thought about nature.

And in case you haven’t seen I met up with nature connection coach Hana Lee Goldin for the hottest forest bathing tips. I’m kind of obsessed with nature. I find it to be a pretty incredible way to blossom my awesome so I wanted all the details. I had spent so much time in the forest up to this point and needed assurance for the most powerful way to Forest Bathe. Check out my story on forest bathing here.

Here are some of my hiking absolute must haves –

Hiking Essential

3. Some objects to help you relax and just be able to chill in comfort of your own home. This is one of the things I find most people are not doing enough of. We are all always going and going and seldom taking time for ourselves to just love ourselves, nurture ourselves and care for your own mental and emotional well being. This was one of my first podcast episodes on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. This one is for the ladies – Pep Talk For The Ladies – Listen in here to Episode # 3

Nothing like a long soak after a long hike. Some of my faves right here that will help you kick back an take it easy and possibly even get really contemplative with yourself.


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