The Daily Routine | Yes! We’re Talking About It

The Daily Routine - Yes We're Talking About It

Ok so we’ve talked about getting together a game plan and that is great and dandy. I love the game plan cause that is our first step to getting together an actual schedule, i.e. routine!

So what is this exactly and why is it so important?

A routine – according to – Webster is – 1 : of a commonplace or repetitious character : ordinary routine problems. 2 : of, relating to, or being in accordance with established procedure routine business.

Yes – precisely. Of a commonplace or repetitious character do you say?

Yes. Yes! And YES!!! I do!

This is the bread and butter behind it all right here. It’s get in to the rhythm. Flow state. It’s establishing a routine, not just a game plan, but beginning to implement those daily steps that formulate you, shape you, make you and every now and then break you.

Breaking’s good. This is when we flex. Get our real flex on. Muscle up. Tough it out.

So when I say every so often break you – I mean – every now and then we are so in the dug out that it just seems like we can’t keep going, but it’s the routine that allows us to crack the code. Get beneath our grit and grime and see what we are really made of.

How committed are we? We all talk about stuff. We all dream and day dream and talk about fluffy marshmallowy dreams that might turn into something some day, but come on guys. We all know that talk is cheap. So cheap. It’s fruitless really. Talk is just that, talk. There’s no action behind talk. It’s a four letter word that’s all about chopping it up.

And yes talk can be good. It can be motivating. It’s not all bad. And alot of great ideas start with a lot of talk.

However that talk then must be met with action.

So here’s why a routine is so important – it’s those baby steps.

It’s not the whole enchilada, but it’s the fixings, it’s the ingredients, it’s the little nuggets that make it a whole enchilada eventually.

So the routine is like the – the talk about – “what’s for dinner?”

And then that’s followed up with possibly a trip to the grocery store – where we take that next step and get the ingredients. We’ve figured out what we’re having – That’s the GAME PLAN – check out this post if you haven’t already seen it.

So that’s the game plan and the next step is getting together those ingredients.

So in the world of routines – that entails your day.


Let’s break it down.

Is it a free for all? Do you just wing it? Do you take it as it comes?

Do you have moments and minutes plugged in that are regular where you do that little extra or you set time aside to take those baby steps towards that goal?

Ok – let’s break it down a little more. Are you setting aside time each and every single day to – lose weight? Work on that dream goal, side hustle business idea, book?

Is that a daily thing?

Or is it a when you feel like it thing and I’d rather just lay low thing?

What kind of dream is it? How bad do you want it?

The routine is important for so many reasons. Every successful person in the world has a routine. They generally go to bed at the same time.

They wake up – usually without an alarm. Your body is your alarm clock. It knows exactly when to wake up.

They start their day exactly the same way – with a 10 minutes of quiet time. They then get their coffee or tea going. They read for 20 minutes.

They do some push ups or crunches. Or they start their morning with a hardcore workout.

What is that you do every single day to see results over time?

There’s got to be something.

The mind and body love a routine. They love knowing how it’ll go.

And those people who are crushing it – own their days. If we don’t have an outline, a routine, then our day owns us. That’s just how it goes.

There’s no rigid timeline or outline in place for our day so we just kind of take it as it comes. And this my friends is not the power way of manifesting.

Manifesting entails very clear focus, purpose, intent, an actual plan all laid out.

Daily Routine Tips And Tricks

  1. Make your bed – this is such a powerful routine to get into the habit of. It’s the first critical exercise of the day that allows you to have achieved something right when you first get up. It puts you in the right frame of mind to get things going first thing. It’s a great way to get your day started. It takes a minute, but adds so much productivity to your day because you set the stage for the rest of your day with this initial powerful routine. Make it habit.
  2. Lemon Water – As a cleansing routine and means to starting and staying healthy start your morning a with some lemon water. Check out the benefits here.
  3. Have your coffee or tea all dialed in the night before. So if that means prepping in advance. Setting the timer then do it. You’ll be one step ahead of the rest.
  4. 10 minutes of quietude – Meditate – How about you wait about 15 minutes before looking at your phone and getting yourself all techied out and just chill out. 10 minutes of meditation in the morning can add hours of productivity to your day. The benefits are enormous. You’ll be calmer, more reflective, your brain will be more dynamic from that much needed rest – 10 minutes will do it. The longer the better, but even 10 minutes is huge. You’ll be less reactive. And you will be so much sharper throughout the day. You’ll be more clear headed, not to mention level headed, less guarded, more at ease and did I say less reactive? Yes all of that. It’s so powerful and all of the most successful people are jumping in on it. Meditation is the real deal folks. I grew up on this stuff and it’s the most powerful tool in your tool belt/arsenal. Use it and stick to it. Make it a part of your morning ritual. It’s a game changer.
  5. Read – if you can plug in 5 minutes over a bowl of cereal this sets the stage for your day, productivity, advancement, fine tuning your knowledge and a great exercise for the mind.
  6. Check List – have a daily schedule laid out – bonus – I do mine the night before – around 7pm. Don’t do it too late cause then you’ll be up all night thinking about everything you have to do in the morning. And do I need to expand on the power of positivity and exuberance we feel when we start checking things off. It’s the greatest affirmation of accomplishment. Even those little things are so awesome to check off. We feel accomplished.

And of course it’s up to you – what your routine is going to look like – but mine looks a lot like the one we just mapped out for you above. Plug in your own stuff, but the key is to do it daily, make it a habit, a ritual, stick with it. Yes even on the weekends! It’s what we like as human beings. We like and thrive on routine!

What’s your routine look like? Let me know. I’d love to hear!

Let’s crush 2021!

Tell me you’re ready!


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