I’ve Never Meditated Before | Beginning Meditation

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Beginning Meditation | I’ve Never Meditated Before

Are you looking to get going with mindfulness? You’ve never mediated before. Well here’s how you get started with meditation.

So there are so many myths around meditation or Mindfulness.

We’re so intimidated by it most of us never get started. Well let me start by saying this don’t fall for all the myths.

Much like anything else that turns out to have a major impact on the world and our lives there are many different methods and modalities. Some that are even misleading, but in the end the purpose is to raise your awareness and vibration.

So if there was ever a reason to get over the fear and trepidation of meditating based on what you believe to be true of meditation or what you’ve heard than let the benefits of meditation outweigh your fears.

That is the whole point of Mindfulness. Watch Jon Kabat Zinn describe Mindfulness by clicking here.

And my favorite book by Zinn is one for the ages, an absolute must read if you have even the slightest interest in mindfulness.

So most people live in a state of three levels of consciousness. Waking, sleeping, dreaming. Yes sleeping and dreaming are two different states of consciousness.

However there is a 4th state of consciousness which is mindfulness or the practice of meditating. In the mindfulness world it’s also referred to as “restful alertness.”

To learn more about the 4 States of Consciousness check this out.

You’re in a state of rest. You’ve turned all the external stimuli off and you are in a state of resting.

And while there are so many myths about what you’re supposed to do and not do and what the purpose is a lot of it is just hyperbole. The biggest false theory about meditation is that you are supposed to turn your thoughts off.

This is not possible. You have to be an anointed Saint or Yogi with decades of training or simply a Guru to be able to do this. These anointed beings are able to go to a fifth dimension. This is where they can actually leave their bodies voluntarily and at will, even if just momentarily.

You will see that many great sages long before us went into a state of Maha Samadhi.

A few Gurus and sages and Saints who did this are Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar Giri Ji, and Kabir just to name a few. Check out Autobiography Of A Yogi – the greatest selling book of all time here by Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda.

So again don’t let all of the misinformation out there keep you from it all together. It is not hard and I promise you, you can do it.

Beginning Meditation
Getting started with meditation.


  1. Turn all devices off
  2. Find a comfortable quiet place – eventually you can meditate anywhere even if it’s not quiet, but start with a quiet space
  3. Start small – five minutes a day – mornings are generally better because it allows you to feel the benefits of it throughout the day. You will get a burst of energy from even just five minutes. A timer on your phone or watch is good to have.
  4. Cosmic mudra – is a really good way to hold your hands – click the link for an image on what that looks like – there is added benefit to holding your hands in this posture
  5. Back straight – so don’t slouch – you can even sit leaning up against a wall or in a chair of sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you. Indian style is helpful because it assists in keeping the back erect and keeps you more alert, but it is not necessary.
  6. Eyes closed – start with a few deep breaths in and then let them go – one at a time – one long deep breath – let it go – another and another – 3 is the cosmic number of the universe so we always chant in 3’s or begin with 3 deep breaths in.
  7. And that’s it – you’re off – thoughts will come – let them go – thoughts will come – let them go – do not try to force yourself to stop thinking – it’s not possible and only complicates the process – let the thoughts come and let them go – bring your attention back to the present moment
  8. You are simply here in the now – just being – you do not need to focus on your breath. You can just simply become aware of your being. Become aware of the breath. Become of aware of your posture. Bring your awareness to your body and allow your awareness to feel all the sensations.
  9. You will feel a heightened awareness of the sensations in your body. And that is perfectly fine.

The point here is to quiet the mind. It’s not to turn the mind off. You cannot do that. It simply will not happen, but what does happen is the more you do this more you are able to quiet the mind.


As you make this a habit you will begin to feel more at peace and more calm. As you learn to allow thoughts and let them go you learn to be more in acceptance with your life and all that is. This is the beauty and power of meditation. You also are able to focus better. You have less racing thoughts as you learn to allow thoughts to come and go. You become less reactive.

And the most beautiful part of meditation is that you will become more aware from moment to moment. You will begin to have greater presence in life. You will notice things more. You will listen better. You are able to be more in receipt of all that is in life with yourself and those around you.

You begin to show up more powerfully and live with greater awareness from moment to moment. You awaken to life in the most profound way.

And for a little more guidance let me walk you through getting started step by step. Download my free Guided Bliss Meditation here.

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I’ve Never Meditated Before | Beginning Meditation

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