Let Go Of Attachment To An Outcome

Let Go Of Attachment To An Outcome - Just Do It From The Heart

So why is it so powerful to let go of attachment to an outcome? This is one of those things so many of us struggle with. We do things and it’s only human nature to anticipate a result, an outcome.

Otherwise we innately feel our efforts are fruitless. However I’m here to tell you that is not the case whatsoever.

Your efforts, yours and mine are never fruitless when done with heart and soul. And furthermore when done from the heart it is universal law that we are matching whatever vibration we put out there.

So if you want to start a blog then start it. Honor and recognize that intuitive part of yourself. That’s your heart talking to you! So listen!

If you want to do something and feel some sense of deep desire than you should absolutely follow that through.

Let’s dive deeper with this notion – so here’s what you need to understand – if you want to lose weight it’s not going to happen with the first try right? It takes time, commitment, effort.

If we want to start meditating it feels almost impossible in the beginning. It can be so difficult that people try it once or twice or for a few days and give up altogether.

Well if it was all supposed to be easy we wouldn’t have gotten very far in life at all.

We know this already so why second guess it. Life is not easy. It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to push you and nudge you and force you to grow and evolve.

Let go of this idea of needing instantaneous results. Get into flow state and start that blog right now, today, your two clicks away.

That’s how you get started. Just do it!


Let me break down why you should:

  1. Because you want to – now come on! Is this not reason enough. You don’t need to talk yourself into it. Just go with what you feel.
  2. Listen to that inner voice – We spend half our lives second guessing ourselves or ignoring our own inner voice. Hey! Let me let you in on something you already know, but you have a way of ignoring. That’s your intuition – saying “Yes! Go For it! Do it!”
  3. You are growing – You get to grow with this new found confidence to jump in and get it going. This is such a huge bonus. You get better. You home in on that skill and that attribute so absolutely nothing is lost.
  4. It’s practice and experience – And to drive this home a little – you are gaining invaluable experience. You are putting in the work. And her’e something I’ve always believed. A lot of times in life it seems we are just putting in work with no fruit, but here’s the thing I promise you all that hard work inevitably pays off. The fruits of your labor will bear fruit. It’s cosmic law. There’s an invisible time clock that gets punched in every single time and someone – God, A Higher Power, Source, The Universe – whatever you believe in is keeping score. So trust me – your work will pay off. Stick with it.
  5. You lose nothing – only gain – Why the heck not? What is there to lose? Now as you know so much of my work is about self inquiry and self reflection so like I do and yes I’m going there again – ponder this – ask yourself – “Well, why the heck not? What do I have to lose? Why do I keep making up all these excuses? What am I so afraid of?” Ask yourself. Ponder it. Sit with these questions – and you’ll realize you cannot come up with a single good reason not to – so that kind of tells me – “You Should!”

So again let me reiterate – once you let go of this idea of expectation – you can just do it. There is no attachment of expectation and you can simply make it happen and follow your dreams and desires. People who know they are going to start a blog just do it. It’s that simple. They make a decision and they choose. They don’t have any expectations of an outcome. They simply choose it. Once the decision is made it’s done. There is no more second guessing.

So go ahead. Take a moment. Ponder the questions I asked of you. Consider it all. You have a day or two, but then you get on it and don’t waste another single day thinking – “I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.”

Just start!

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Let Go Of Attachment To An Outcome



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