3 Secrets To Being An Energy Goddess

Energy Goddess

So there are a few things every energy goddess knows.

Knowing these three things and applying them to your life can be the ultimate game changer. So here are the secrets every Energy Goddess knows and deploys to manifest her most awesome life and her most awesome self.

  1. LOVE with all your might. Love everyone around you. Love strangers. Smile all day long at strangers. Yes. It’s so healthy and rejuvenating for our soul. An Energy Goddess spreads love and light wherever she goes. She smiles at strangers. She has a loving and open demeanor. She is not afraid to look someone deep in the eyes and touch the depths of their soul with her positive vibes. She understands the power of human connection. She wants to connect deeply with everyone she comes in contact with. She listens intently from her heart. She offers words of encouragement and support. She emanates love and light where she goes. The world is drawn to her positive energy. She has an aura of light and cosmic glow that dispels love everywhere she roams. She walks the earth lightly and radiates love in every step she takes. She meets life with great hope and optimism. With twinkling eyes that light up a room and a heart overflowing with love she sees the good and beauty. Even when they can’t see it for themselves. Her heart warms their souls and her love uplifts their spirit. She shows up powerfully for all those around her. And with her profound sense of warmth and inner gold she offers up love freely to those in need. She elevates loved ones with warm captivity and a gentle soul that loves all beyond measure. She loves everyone around her. She loves all men, women and children alike. She embodies love with every breathe she takes. Learn and apply number 1 and you will be well on your way to being a magnificent body of light and bundle of love who encapsulate the world with awesomeness in all that you say and do.
  2. Self Examine – Every single day. Develop your intuition. Do the work. Sit in silence. Learn to understand yourself better. Did you know the process of meditation and self-inquiry makes you more intuitive? It’s been proven. I’m a Reiki Master and Mindfulness Trainer. I’m two and half-decades deep into this game. I use and move energy to manifest anything and everything I want. It’s learning the art of listening to yourself that will make you a powerful Energy Goddess. Trust yourself. Learn to spend time with you own inner beauty for long periods of time. Learn to go inside for the answers. You are here to love and be awesome and spread abundant beautiful energy all around. By learning to go inside you find your own inner truth. You get to know yourself in profound ways you had not known and you get to know all those around you even better. The process of self-inquiry will truly change your life. You will come out transformed. You will be able to trust yourself and not externalize as much. You will begin to learn to trust your own intuition more and more. And the more your do this the more intuitive you will become. It’s like anything. It takes practice. And with practice you will gain greater clarity over your life and the blocks that have kept you from your most awesome you. So don’t sell yourself short. Make time for yourself to elevate your awareness and learn meditation, self-inquiry, mindfulness and transform your soul.
  3. Soul work – Something for your mind, body or soul each and every day. I don’t care if you exercise, meditate, read, write, paint, cook, woodwork, etc….it doesn’t matter the thing. All that matters is you do that thing that gives your inner sanctum calm and quintessential love and inner fulfillment. Soul work is so essential to our soul for healing, recovery and self-development. This is the process by which after years of work we become transformed and whole despite life’s challenges and hardships. This is what makes us better. This is the avenue by which we find a path to wholeness, happiness and centeredness. She spends time in nature connecting to the earth and the elements. She understand the power of the cosmos and Universal laws that connect us all. And she knows that by connecting to nature she will be more connected to the world and every living thing around her. She honors the sun, the moon and the earth. She is drawn to the magic of the stars and sits in silence by water to connect spiritually to all the elements and everything we are made of. It’s by this way that she will come to find her most majestic inner goddess. An Energy Goddess works on herself every single day. A real Energy Goddess is always looking for more out of life and always expects more of herself. She ensures she is in tune with and receptive to all the beauty life has to offer. She is open to receiving abundance and expects awesomeness in every aspect of her life.

And this is why she loves with all her heart and soul and pours love into everything she touches and comes in contact with. This is why she walks the earth to ground herself and this is why she glides through her day because she is connected deeply to her own soul. She reflects and inquires within to better understand herself. She does the soul work to better herself and to tap into all fo the awesomeness and abundance the world has to offer.

Self inquiry is an amazing process and she honors it as a gift to evolve and elevate her consciousness.

And she knows the power of being tapped into the universe in ways others do not. A great way to hone your goddess skills and make sure you are exuding love and light at all times is becoming more intuitive.

So as I mentioned before there are ways of developing your intuition. Meditation and sitting in silence and self examining is the most powerful way.

ultimate self-inquisition guide

If you want help getting started then download my Ultimate Self-Inquisition Guide. This is my very own method of teaching you self-inquiry in an easy to understand step by step way that will not overwhelm you. It’s free.

It’s not hard, but may seem scary for those who are not used to sitting in silence with their own thoughts. However a true energy goddess knows the power of this and how it will enhance her intuitive abilities and have her radiating even more light into all that she touches. It’s truly a game changer.

If you want even more guidance then be sure to download the Ultimate Self-Inqusition guide at the link above. I teach you self-inquiry step by step.

And remember you are here to be your most awesome you. If you’ve made it this far you are not here by chance, but because you know the power of spreading love and how awesome it is to be a bomb Energy Goddess. People are drawn to you. They can feel your energy, your charisma, your lightness, your love. It’s a magnificent way to be.

There are so many ways to get started. There are so many resources that can help you on journey to love and light. Always be a student of life. Always be looking for teachers and Gurus who will lead you to the Guru in you. Any great Master will lead the student to the Master within.

Again be sure to download my free course. It will help you on your path to liberation and pouring beautiful and powerful energy into everything you do and spreading it everywhere you go.

Here’s a Guided Meditation For Inner Peace And Calm.

An incredible way to learn to tap into your most powerful you and your best energy is learning to develop your intuition. Yes it is possible to develop your intuition. The best way to develop and enhance your intuition is through the process of self-inquiry. Self-inquiry allows you to sit with yourself in deep reflection on some of your greatest questions and curiosities in life. To learn self-inquiry the Wheel Of Life Contemplative Guide here.

And I leave you with a great teacher of mine Greg Bradden on the power of energy, love and living powerfully in the matrix.

Love & Light to all the beauties who have taken time to read this and share this. Let us magnify our awesomeness and make the world better one little love zap at a time.

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3 Secrets To Being An Energy Goddess

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