2020 | Game On!

2020. Game On.

So I would say I’m a pretty productive person and I’m sharing this here with you so you can get your ultimate 2020 Game Plan Game On. Check my list for the 5 musts of what it takes to make it happen day in and day out – below.

So I cannot believe we’ve put another decade behind us and we are gearing up for 2020. There’s something so awesome about the new decade and while we may not be able to put our finger on it, it just feels nostalgic.

There’s excitement and anticipation for what’s ahead.

We know that it’s going to be different. There’s a sense of completion with the previous decade and an overwhelming sense of newness with 2020.

2020. Game On for me looks like this. In order to crank out all that I do and be on top of my A game it requires a lot of passion and discipline. This is the number one thing. It’s commitment to discipline.

So day in and day out we’ve got to stick with it. We’ve got to give it every little bit of what we have and we have to understand balance. We can work hard and give it our all, but then there has to be a balance in life where you break and do some awesome things for your soul. That’s how we replenish and rejuvenate for tomorrow.

Otherwise we will surely burnout.

So for me – here’s what this looks like – I promise you I’ve been doing this for decades and those who achieve success have a daily routine they stick to. I’ve tried doing it without a routine, but it’s not the same thing and the results are just not there when you don’t get after it day in and day out with a dedicated routine to your committed discipline.

Here’s what that looks like –

Wake up – make coffee – read – eat some fruit – vitamins – turmeric – matcha – green tea – Literally I do all of these things every single morning.

Pause – Stretch – crunches for 10 minutes – planks – sit ups – stretch – Reiki if I can for 15 minutes if not I do this in the early evening.

Write – for 30 minutes to 1 hour

Work – client calls – emails – creating content – interviews – stories – following up on everything in the pipeline

Break – Walk – stretch – meditate for 10 minutes – Break means break and the most powerful way to break is to turn off all the external stimuli. Take 0 calls – turn off the ringer -set your alarm clock and totally and completely break – eat light if possible – salad or soup – something that is not going to make you want to take a nap.

Work – my afternoons are generally the most productive time of day for me where I get everything that is on the calendar done and look ahead to tomorrow and the week. I always have a to do list so there is a greater sense of accomplishment as I check things off.

Late afternoon -early evening entails – exercise – a walk, a run in nature if possible (I’m lucky enough to live near some of the most exceptional hiking and trails imaginable, a writer and hippie’s paradise I’d say) Qi Gong and Reiki if I didn’t squeeze it into my morning. Yoga at home.

And while my schedule may seem far fetched it’s actually not. It’s very doable when you have a daily routine. It all gets done.

And some of this is in 10 and 15 minute increments and being able to make that concerted effort to ensure I meditate and do Reiki every day adds hours to my day.

So here’s what you need to do to get your 2020 Game On – On.

  1. Make a list of everything you want to do – sit with this. Think about everything you plan on getting done in 2020. Make it reasonable. Don’t over do it, but dream, be ambitious, have some goals that excite you even if they seem a little far fetched – go for it. And while you may not get to the end of it in 2020 if you get it going and start sticking with it you will see the progress you’ve made and that will give you leverage and a great sense of momentum to keep going until you achieve that awesome dream or goal. Having goals and being passionate are what will set your life and your soul on fire.
  2. Get a schedule goingA Routine – now come up with an actual schedule. Don’t be over ambitious, but figure out how you’re going to plug the little awesome extras that are power boosters for your soul into your day. It’s the little things that are the game changers. How are you going to make sure you take 10 minutes to just sit and meditate every day?
  3. Get a planner this year and use it! Make a list of your to do’s for the next day – this is the best way to go about getting after your goals and feeling great about getting shit done. This is a priority and must do. Lay it out ands you will have something substantive and definitive. You will have your plan.
  4. Map it out – get a timeline going. Be reasonable with this because when we don’t make the mark we fall off the wagon all together. So take your time with all of these steps and figure out what is doable and it what span of time. Set dates, times, a definitive idea of when you anticipate to be done with that goal. And while you want to be reasonable with the expectations you set for yourself – pushing yourself a little is also a good way to get yourself in gear and get after it.
  5. Believe – So while this falls at the bottom of the list it has nothing to do with importance or significance. Being a dreamer is the first step to become a doer. And imagining, dreaming, and believing in yourself are all a part of that bigger piece of the puzzle. You must sense and feel deeply your own worthiness and capabilities. You know your worth and you know what you’re capable of. And it’s the dreams and goals, our ambitions and desires that can set our life on fire. This is what fuels and gives us passion and the courage and strength to forge. So warrior up. Let’s do this. 2020. Game on.

So as a little bonus because I really want you to crush it in 2020 I want you to know the number one way to get truly focused and clear with things is through sitting in silence.

It’s the best way to learn to be in the moment and in total presence with what it happening. It is also the most exceptional way to learn acceptance and become less reactive. The more you do this the more acceptance you have with your thoughts, things you can and cannot control.

By sitting and being with your thoughts and all that it is you learn calmness and acceptance. It’s a means of surrender. And it is the most powerful way to live.

To help get you started – download my free Bliss Guided Meditation. It’s ten minutes and will guide you on how to get started meditating.

Also another great way to get more clear and focused is by going inward and doing a self assessment. Have you ever asked yourself the deeper questions? You’ve always looked outward for the answers, but have you ever looked within. Well that’s where the answers are. Use my very own LITE Guide that I’ve created to help you get started with self-inquiry. It will walk you through the steps to learning to not only go inside of yourself to the answers to all of your questions, but to teach you to develop your intuition and become more trusting of your own natural intuitive instincts.

Check out my post on lifestyle trends in 2020.


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2020 | Game On!

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