The Gift Of Gratitude | 2 Reasons To Give

the gift of gratitude

Why is giving so awesome? Well’s let’s talk about the gift of gratitude and 2 reasons to give. So while there are more than 2 essential reasons to give let’s just start with these because they might be the top two, the best and the only reasons you need to begin giving.

They say giving is a beautiful gift not only to those we give to, but to ourselves. This is what makes it so profound to give to others. And in giving I mean not just giving material things, but giving can also be doing.

Doing things for people in need is the most powerful way to light your soul on fire. Giving to those less fortunate, this is God’s work. This is the best kind of giving. It’s not something superficial or a material object that can be easily replaced.

This sort of giving comes from the heart.

So essential it breaks down to this –

#1 – It’s good to give cause you are helping others.

#2 – This is the bonus right here – It’s good for you too. It feeds and nurtures our souls deeply when we do for others.

This is where we begin to see our own sense of worth and greatness. We are generally very self-focused in life. Most people around us operate from a space of Me, Me, Me and Me is first all of the time.

This is why giving to others has such a profound impact on our souls.

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My Own Experience With Gratitude

I’ve had many opportunities to exercise gratitude. I have so many reasons to be so very grateful for all I have. And it’s perhaps being raised in a way that gratitude was instilled in me at an early age I feel I’ve had the luxury of great insight here into the power of gratitude. It was shown me at a young age. I saw my parents example of how gracious and thoughtful they were in their mannerisms and how when opportunity presented it they were extremely grateful just in general in life.

Watching it before you and seeing how it lit people up was an absolute joy and privilege to have witnessed from a young age.

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The Gift Of Gratitude | 2 Reasons To Give

the gift of gratitude



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