What Is Your Wellness Routine?

Wellness routine. Yep. That’s what’s up. Let’s talk about well being. First and foremost cause this is where it all starts. Did you know that success goes hand in hand with wellness?

Did you know the more you work on your well being – that is your state of mind, feeling mind, awareness, emotional intelligence, meditative work let’s say – the more you get this dialed in the healthier you will feel, the more successful you will be, the happier you will be, the more drama free.

The Wellness Routine

So what are you doing for the soul, to nurture yourself, take care of your not only physical, but emotional and mental state?

What’s your thing? Do you journal?

Do you take baths? Do you meditate? Please say yes!

Ok so maybe you don’t do any of this stuff. That’s not good.

We are so busy constantly looking out for the well being of everyone else that we seem to very easily skip over our own need for love and relaxation, rejuvenation.

It’s necessary, essential even.

We suffer far more than necessary in life. If we get clear on who we are, our worth, our calling, our joy and really start living from this vibrant place of pure love and joy life begins to change for us.

And that is very much enraptured in wellness and your overall wellbeing.

So here are some ways you can start right now – no excuses – 5 minutes.

When we begin to stick with it, you’ll feel airier and lighter and that’s why I’m always pushing 5 minutes on you cause that’s not asking for much.

You’ve got 5 minutes without question so let’s go!

Ok so start with some of these suggestions and add your own stuff and see where it takes you.

calm lake with mountain terrain
Wellness Routine & Nature Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Wellness Tips

Working on yourself – so this could mean physically, mentally, emotionally?

So what exactly does this entail – exercise, a run, a jog, the gym? Sauna, spa? Getting your nails done, mani, pedi is always good for the soul.

Or perhaps you enjoy nature. I certainly do. Nature has been my greatest healer and companion offering me so much love and abundance. You can check out my story on Forest Bathing with Nature Connection Coach Hana Lee by clicking here.

Are you taking care of your emotional health – are you talking to people? Getting things off your chest? Or are you simply listening till the cows come home and offering all that wonderful selfless advice and therapy for everyone else?

Having someone to talk to, release to, chat it up with is important. Find that certain someone – a spouse, sibling, friend, parent, therapist – it doesn’t matter, just someone – anyone. You need to vent too!

Wellbeing & The Outcomes Of A Wellness Routine

One of the most exceptional things that comes out of honoring yourself and working for the greatest good of your overall well being is growth. Yes. You grow as a person. You grow spiritually. You build emotional resolve and you can train your body for physical resolve as well. Absolutely.

You do not limit yourself when you see yourself and your overall wellbeing in this way. The opportunities for soul growth are truly limitless and that will help you discover the limitlessness of your own potential on every front – work, family, home, self.

We have to always keep evolving in life as I always say. We are here to learn and grow and evolve and find our own inner truth in deep and meaningful ways to make it all truly powerful and soulful.

There is no shortage of a need of self-improvement. I promise you this. As you begin doing the work you will find that self-improvement or the inner work as I like to call it is a lifelong journey. It never ends.

So being leading that life of vitality and joy won’t you?

Check in on yourself. How are you doing? How well are you eating? How well are you sleeping? And most importantly how well are your retreating?

Make those adjustments and for more on going deeper – you can get my free course on self inquiry right here by clicking on this link.

Bonus Tip For Your Wellness Routine!

Practice gratitude every single day. No matter how hard or rocky life gets there’s always something we can be grateful for. Let the small stuff go and here’s the beautiful thing the more you practice gratitude the more you are able to let things go. You’re just happy. You are in state of being happy and it’s positive vibration pulls you. Here’s one of my favorite gratitude rituals I have kept going year after year.

3 Self Love Exercises Everyone Should Practice

So I talk about this all the time if you’ve been following me for a moment. We do so much for everyone else we seem to have a knack at neglecting ourselves.

Self Love – How Much Time Are You Making For It?

We are busy with work and wanting to give to others. We are busy showing up for loved ones. There is always someone who needs you or something that needs to be done. That’ll never change – so how do we find time for ourselves? How do we find time to step away from the monotony and love ourselves?

I’ve got exactly the answer and I’ll break it down for you with sincere hope that you will take my guidance and try it at least once. I’m here to use my hardships to help you with yours. There’s no way all this awful stuff just happen to me for nothing. It can’t just be that life is just so rough and that’s it. No there’s more to the hard stuff when we dig deeper. And I want you to start leaning into the pain a little more for your own soul growth.

Self Love For Singles

Now I have the good fortune of being single – yes I feel blessed for this. I feel chosen. I feel God has given me ample blessings by teaching me how to be whole alone and how to go inward to gain better understanding of myself and life and all of the struggles.

Sure I’ve loved, but I’ve been broken in the process and returning to wholeness is a long journey, sometimes far longer than we can ever imagine.

I have overcome so much trauma that I’ve had to lean into God and lean into love probably far more than the average person.

I’ve found myself asking why on so many occasions in life that I had to go digging deeper within myself for those answers. Because as we know and if you don’t you know I’ve said it before – the answers are inside. They are inside of us.

So while the world may feed us all of these sugar coated ideas and want to lump us in a box with conventional notions of how life should go – it never really goes that way. And for us singles self love is even more important. You need to love yourself and you can love yourself – Yes and be totally whole with our without a man or woman by your side. I am living proof.

I’m confident. I’m happy. I’m loved. And I’m whole.

It can be done. And while it’s difficult for most it takes a lot of work – self work – soul work to get to this point of deeper understanding and greater awareness where you realize the conventional dogma of needing a husband or wife and white picket fence and kids and the whole 9 might be great for some, but is IS NOT necessary to live a happy fulfilled life. Know this.

I’m here to help if you need.

Self Love For Soul Growth

The self-journeying all the pain has afforded me has come at an exuberant price and that price is so astronomical and actually priceless that I feel blessed beyond measure for it all. I would’ve never gone so deep with my own soul journey had it not been for all the trauma. And I would’ve never had come to discover self love in the way I have and this deeper understanding of life if it were not for all this pain and suffering.

Had I not had so many hardships in life I would’ve just kind of sailed through it and never truly been challenged to go deeper with myself. I would’ve just been ok and lived on the periphery like so many of us do.

However all of those struggles were a blessing. And while we’re going through it feels hard as hell we manage some how. We somehow in those awfully painful times find our resolve to continue. Our strength to keep pushing and we make out on the other end a little harder a little more fragile and little more delicate to the touch, but with a little prowess we can learn from those hardships and allow them to teach us and allow them to let us grow into majestic butterflies who can transform and fly.

3 Tips For Self Love

  • You Time – of course it’s got to start with this. If you can’t get away from everyone even if for just 5-10 minutes then we’ve got a big problem. I want you to ask yourself how you can make this happen in your life. If you’ve got kids – if you’ve got pets – if you’ve got parents – whatever it is that need your undivided attention – how can you set that aside for 5-10 minutes a day to do you? This is serious. We have to make a concerted effort, no excuses for making this happen. It does not matter what is going on – YOU CAN figure this out – 5-10 minutes of quite you time. Ok I’m not bragging whatsoever – but this is a so huge for me and where my good fortune kicks in. I have ample time to myself – where I get to read, write, meditate, do Reiki, listen to music, just be, whatever and it has been so incredibly awesome for my soul. I count my blessings for this every single day and I want you to figure out how you too – can take a few minutes for yourself – do nothing and just close your eyes and breathe. Start with 5 minutes if that’s all you can manage to muster up, but just START!
  • Nature – Ok so this one is kind of cool – cause it can be done with others and will feed you and nurture just the same – ok, that was a little fib, might be a little better alone, but hey I guess I’m just spoiled. The point of me exaggerating my love for alone time is to help especially those of you who are alone to learn to treasure it, honor it, feel the blessings. And for those of you who have a significant other – stepping away from that person for a little while and taking some me time can do wonders not only for your soul, but your relationship as well. If you can – someway some how find some nature near you and if you can’t get into the redwoods, get into the grass, get under a tree, get under the sky and sink your soul into it for – 5-10 minutes a day. (Always puzzled at how many excuses we make for coming up with 5 minutes.) Come one guys – you can find 5 minutes in your day – alleviate some of the social media or random chit chatter for 5 whole minutes of self love. You’ll be so glad you did.
  • Be heard – if you’ve got something on your mind – then let it out. Don’t always be the listener. You don’t always need to be the one giving advice. Get your own stuff out. Call a friend, ask a your mom, ask your dad, ask you sibling, your significant other – say this – “I’d love to share about what’s going on in my life right now. Would you be open to listening for 5 minutes?” You’ve probably never said this or asked anyone in your world to just be open to listening to you. Maybe you have, but very likely you haven’t. Getting some things out. Getting affirmation from a loved one for all the love you put in can be so powerfully fulfilling and meaningful to you and your relationship. Ask to be loved back. Ask to be honored.

If you need help or want to go deeper with yourself – then start with my LITE (Look Inside To Enlightenment) Guide. It’s the first step to learning to be with yourself in a deeper way and learning the magically powerful process of self-inquiry. Get it here.

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership Communication Skills

Any good leader must have good communication skills. They are crucial in leading.

Let’s consider it for business and how good communication skills are an important part of effective leadership.


Some are born leaders and others might find themselves thrust into a leadership role and have to put in a little effort to master the necessary skills to lead well.

What doe Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett have in common? The ability to lead and lead well. They are all effective communicators.

They understand the importance of conveying a vision people want to participate in. Julius Caesar and Napoleon both understood propaganda and were able to convince people that their defeats were actually victories. Effective modern leaders like Branson and Jobs built companies from scratch, with every employee and financial backer convinced of the importance of the mission and willing to contribute in his or her own way.

No opportunity has ever been without obstacles, pitfalls and shortcomings. It’s never just success. It’s how leaders respond to adversity that sets them apart and makes them a great leader.

As with many things in life, timing is also critical. Learning how to communicate effectively to your chosen audience at the right time and the right place can be difficult, but can reap great benefits.

Know Your Audience

The most important aspect of any effective communication is knowing your audience.

No two audiences will ever be alike so being flexible with communication styles is a great skill for any leader to have. You’re audience whether it’s –

  • Staff
  • Shareholders
  • Business partners
  • Prospective business partners
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Children taking a tour of your facility

…and more.

What you say and how you say it is the basis of effective communication.

The Right Timing

Timing is key. For example, no business leader looks forward to giving out bad news, but sometimes the more you avoid it, the worse things can become. If there is a downturn and you have to start laying off people, this needs to be conveyed sooner rather than later.


Using the example of having to give bad news, you also have to choose your moment and communication style. Should you say nothing to anyone other than those getting the pink slip? Email everyone? Or should you send out an email to make a date for a very important meeting?

Once everyone is at the meeting, how should you announce the news? Do you just blurt out that there will be layoffs and leave it at that? Or will you explain the reasons behind the decision, what the next steps will be, and what you think will happen going forward?

Listening is just as important a leadership skill as speaking. Will you give staff a chance to ask about the redundancies and the situation as a whole? Or leave it to your managers?

Once the meeting is over, you will then have a number of follow-up steps and options. Will you speak to each person getting the pink slip, or let your hiring manager do it? Or will these workers just be given notice and no-one will say a word of regret or appreciation for all their past efforts?

Sometimes communication, for good or ill, comes from not saying anything at all. A worker with a pink slip who has not been given clear reasons or thanked is likely to feel a lot more disgruntled than one who is treated like a human being.


On the other hand, going into too much detail might open up an entire legal minefield if the worker believes the lay-off is because you “donít like them” or some form of discrimination is going on. Accusations of racism, sexism, age-ism and other forms of discrimination can all damage your company and even leave it open to serious financial repercussions.

Therefore, it is very important to be clear about the way all workers are spoken to, and this will come from you as the leader, to filter down to managers and staff. Any forms of off-color jokes, bullying or aggressive tendencies should be discouraged at all times, and in all forms – including email and social media accounts, as well as face-to-face dealings between colleagues. Even “harmless teasing” can be hurtful and seem bullying to some individuals.

Following Up

Whenever something important is being conveyed, follow-up can make all the difference between success and failure.

Using the lay-off example above, for those staff who remain after the cuts, holding another meeting to talk about the next steps will be important. Meetings will also need to be held in order to make sure every task that the people who were laid off were doing will be covered now that they are gone.

Being Visible

When times get tough, even the best leaders want to just go in their office and hide. But being visible can often be one of the best forms of leadership. So too can an open door policy, in which people feel that they can come to you with questions and concerns and that these will be taken seriously and treated with respect.

Setting the Tone

The most important aspect of leadership can often be to set the tone. A positive, upbeat leader with a can-do attitude is more likely to gain followers than someone who delivers consistently negative messages. Even when things are bad, a leader with good communication skills will be able to reframe the issues in such a way as to maintain a loyal following.

For example, in terms of the lay-offs, it should be made clear that these short-term losses are being made in favor of long-term gains.

If two departments are merged, a good leader would indicate all of the benefits and how the work can be done more efficiently.

Conveying Change

Many people hate change. Even though it is an inescapable fact of life, people get so comfortable in their routines that any change can be very upsetting and even seem like a serious threat to all life as they know it. In most cases, this will not be true, but having empathy for this point of view can help smooth out the transitions.

Being a Good Listener

Many people believe that being a good leader is all about speaking powerfully. The truth is that a good leader listens as well. They show empathy, value opinions and are constantly learning from others rather than thinking they have all the answers.

Understand that people are only human. Everyone makes mistakes. If a mistake was made, find out the reasons why it happened. Listen and share viewpoints. Seek ideas and innovations. Give people another chance if you think they deserve it.

Treat colleagues the way your best boss treated you. We can never walk in another person’s shoes, but we can try to be more understanding and tolerant if they are having professional or personal problems, so that everyone feels valued.

Never Assume

Always be clear in your verbal and written communications. Confirm anything important in writing, including email, such as after a phone conversation or team meeting. Check and double-check, especially when any deadlines are approaching. It is better to summarize important points and dates briefly in your communications and repeat yourself, for example, than assume that everyone knows it all already when they might not.

These are some of the most important aspects of effective communication if you are a business leader. Your approach will differ somewhat depending on whether the communication is verbal or written. Letís look in the next section at verbal communication.


Verbal communication is often taken for granted because we can all speak, even if we are not good writers. However, effective verbal communication does not come naturally to everyone. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned with a bit of time and effort.

The Importance of Verbal Communication

Spoken words matter beyond just the clear exchange of information. Style and tone of delivery can also affect what is being said and how it is being received by the audience.

Speaking in person and over the phone clearly and concisely is an important skill for any leader to develop. In addition, a good leader must understand the difference between the two and other things that contribute to communication other than the words and phrases being used.

Face-to-Face Communication

Communicating in person can be one of the most efficient ways to convey ideas and open up the floor for discussion. It may not, however, be the most efficient way to give detailed information. Knowing the difference between the two can often mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to planning new projects and initiatives.

For example, it’s great to be able to chat face-to-face, but a rushed conversation as you are passing someone’s desk is not an efficient way to expect things to get done correctly. A formal meeting or an email would be a better choice.

Body Language

Your body language will say a lot about who you are as a person and what your communication style is. Careless body language can also undermine the message that you were trying to convey. If your body language does not match your spoken words, there can be a serious disconnect which can be confusing or suggest to people that you are not telling the truth or are in some sort of mood.

For example, if you speak and listen with your arms crossed in front of your chest, this could relay a number of negative messages. Your audience might think you are defensive, angry or disinterested, especially if you donít look at them or turn sideways.

Folded arms also send out the signal that people are supposed to stay away from you. They might even indicate stubbornness or refusal, so that people may never ask for what they need because your body language already seems to be telling them no.

Act Natural

A more relaxed and natural body stance with your arms hanging loosely at your sides is a much more welcoming posture when you are dealing with people face to face.

When speaking, try not to fiddle. Practice stillness. Maintain eye contact. If you are in a large group, look around the room. Donít pace, but do move around as needed. When listening, nod your head. Listen carefully. Donít try to jump in to speak. Wait until the person has finished. Then repeat what you understand to be the essence of the question, in case anyone hasnít heard, and to be sure you have heard correctly.

In terms of presentation such as PowerPoint decks, these days many businesses live and die by their decks. Therefore, it is really important to focus on this skill so you can create and give presentations that will maintain interest, persuade, and inform, rather than send people off to sleep.

Public Speaking

In the course of meetings, presentations, conferences and so on, you will have to speak in public to audiences both large and small. Studies have shown that public speaking is the number one fear that most people have, while death is only number three. As someone once joked, this means most people would rather be in the coffin than give the eulogy over it.

However, this does not have to be the case. There are many ways to practice public speaking in order to become better at it and do it with more confidence and effectiveness. It is just a case of being willing to put in the time and effort to practice until you are perfect.

Or, if you are not perfect, at least you can do a much better job than you are doing at the moment – if you feel that this is a personal weakness that needs to be addressed in order to become a better communicator and leader.

Conveying Confidence

One of the reasons why it is so important to be a confident presenter is that if you look and sound confident, your audience will feel confident in your message, and that you are telling them the truth and not covering up anything.

Going back to the example of having to indicate that lay-offs are imminent, people will feel much more confident about the future of the company if you sound positive about this being a necessary development for the strength of the company going forward. If you sound hesitant, nervous, or unsure about the need to take these steps, your audience in turn will also grow nervous.

Inspiring Your Audience

Great leaders inspire people to follow them. Julius Caesar would have never been able to cross the Rubicon and become the leader of the Roman Empire if he had lacked confidence or shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Well, maybe it will work out.” Instead he said, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

In every company, there will be certain leaders who set the tone and who people look to for inspiration. Even if you are currently working in a job that has no leadership responsibilities at the moment, it is still possible for you to set the tone and take the lead on projects and initiatives.

If you are willing to do so and can inspire people to follow you, it will be easy to demonstrate your leadership potential, and use what you accomplish as concrete examples of real achievements when it comes time for your end-of-year review or you decide you want to ask for a raise.

For all these reasons, face-to-face communication is key to getting things done and sharing a common vision for what the company is supposed to be like. Phone calls can help as well.

Watch Your Words

Words have power. Just look at any interesting editorial in a newspaper or some of the worldís most famous speeches in history. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Thereís no need to use fancy words and sound like a dictionary. Be clear and to the point so that everyone who reads what you have written can understand it. Use a thesaurus as needed to find synonyms. Look up any words in the dictionary that you donít know.

Watch Your Paragraphs

Short, sharp paragraphs work best for business writing, as well as for digital communications such as emails, websites and PowerPoint decks. Thereís no need to write long-winded college essays to get your point across.

Teaching leadership skills and good communications might be difficult at times, but it can be worth it if you are able to run a more efficient company – with better communications that people will be interested in reading, and that instruct your staff and ensures everyone is on the same page.


Some people argue that there will always be leaders and followers and that some people are born leaders. They might have a strong personality and wish to be a leader, but it will take a special kind of person to get other people to follow them. They will usually accomplish this through visible achievement – that is, leading by example and thus showing others how things are done.

A good leader can demonstrate how to communicate well through doing it themselves, making it a priority in their face-to-face, phone and written interactions. Assess yourself as a communicator in your leadership role and see if you can improve. In this way, you can travel even further along the road to success as a leader.

To your best success!


Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow Episode #9

It’s one of my all time favorite topics.

Listening! The most powerful step in communication and often the most neglected. I had the delight of speaking with Senior facilitator for the Compassionate Listening Project – Susan Partnow.

She shared wisdom and insights about compassionate listening. It was a conversation full of love and insights and I welcome you to listen in here to the very latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast – Episode #9 – Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow.

Susan Partnow has been supporting individuals, families and organizations to transform their conflicts for over thirty years.  She has been certified as a mediator by the Snohomish Dispute Resolution Center since the 1990’s.  She has also studied and now teaches Restorative Circle and Peacekeeping Circle practices.  She is a Sr. Facilitator for The Compassionate Listening Project and is a co-creator of their core practices and advanced trainings.  Susan served as a Sr. Organizational Development Consultant for Swedish/Providence for eight years, providing team building, strategic planning, change initiatives, coaching, mediation and facilitation to leaders across the system.  Prior to working with Swedish/Providence, Susan led Partnow Communications for over 25 years as a consultant specializing in team building, mediation, leadership development, and conflict management with public sector, private and non-profit organizations and individuals throughout Puget Sound.  Before that Susan was a certified speech pathologist working in hospital, clinic and home health settings.

Susan has an M.A. in Communication Disorders from Northwestern University.  She is a member of various professional groups, including the national Organizational Development Network and American Society of Training and Development.  She is co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Seattle Restorative Justice and Global Citizen Journey and former Board member of NCDD (National Coalition on Dialogue & Deliberation.) Susan is author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions (Doubleday books) and co-contributor of The Art of Compassionate Listening

Susan is especially drawn to bringing challenged individuals and groups together to release the energy locked in conflict to foster its transformation into creative new beginnings and deepened relations. 

For more on Susan Partnow check out her site.

Want Success? Reprogram Your Mind For It

Want success? You have to reprogram your mind for it.

So of course we all want success. We all would love nothing more than to be successful in life. We want that ideal. We’d like to make good money, do good work, help people, feel accomplished and thrive.

Unfortunately, most will just survive. And here’s the wildest part about life and those who succeed. They are no different than you and I. I’ve been there. I’ve had my fair share of struggles. Traumas that kept me stuck. Unable to thrive and do what I needed to do powerfully to see my goals and ambitions through.

I know, I know it sounds so cheesy to say all of those things, those one liners, the metaphors, but here’s the deal. There’s a reason for them. They are actually true.

You do become what you think of. Positive attitudes do make a difference in our world. Focus on prosperity and you will begin to prosper.

As one of my favorite teachers Jim Kwik says – he does not have time for negativity. Every time a negative thought enters he redirects his focus to something powerful or positive.

Changing Your Mindset

So today – I want to talk about mindset and how incredibly important it is. It is actually the key component to your success. It’s all in your mind. How do you see it? What do you believe is possible for yourself? What is the self talk? What’s the story you tell yourself?

Do you say things like, “It’ll never happen.” Or “it’s so hard.” “I’m always going to be broke.” “I just won’t get there.”

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like this? Do you vision a reality for yourself that is far greater than your actually reality? Dr. Joe Dispenza – one of my favorite teachers in this space has incredible insights to share with us. He says in order for our circumstances to change we have to reprogram our minds. We have to detach from negativity and negative thoughts. We have to learn to redirect our focus. We have to commit to doing it in a different way.

One of my favorite books by Dr. Joe Dispenza – Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind And Create A New One.

Visualization – Seeing It Into Being

That way requires feeding our minds with a visionary train of mind. We have to visualize with all of our senses that ultimate outcome.

So here’s what that looks like. You want a house on the beach? You have to feel the ocean air on your cheeks? You have to smell the ocean breeze? You have to hear the waves pounding on the shore. And of course see the ocean as clear as day before you. And the more you do this the more you activate your deep subconscious and the more your mind begins to retrain itself towards that goal. You begin to feel it and sense it with all your senses to a point that your mind, your subconscious mind that is begins to start to work towards that desire.

Little steps. Itty bitty baby steps will indeed get you there. It’s just learning to start and then you begin taking those steps to actualize that desire.

Shakti Gawain wrote Creative Visualization decades ago offering great clarity to the power of manifesting through visualizing.

Here are the four basic steps for effective creative visualization.

The Experiences Are There To Teach Us

How Do We Do This?

Every experience in lie is a lesson. You have to learn to shift your mindset around failure or hangups, the little bumps and hiccups. When you make a mistake or fail, it’s perfectly natural to be upset. 

Take time with that upset. Be with the upset. That’s exactly what you should do.

And then let it go. Step away from the actual upset and look at the bigger picture. Look at the lesson. There is something you’ve gained, a deeper wisdom or learning from the upset.

Go deeper with it. Give it great thought and you will prevail. Ask what you did wrong, and what you would do differently next time. How you could do better?

That failure is a stepping stone to an accomplishment or achievement in the future.

If you lack information, go find it. Read, study, talk to other people in your industry – and then take what you’ve learned to heart and use it in the future.

Don’t let that little bump in the road define the journey. It’s only one part of the journey. And it might actually be the part that takes you to the next level.

It might be in that moment that you realize your own mistake.

3 Ways To Build Your Confidence

How many times in life have you felt unworthy? Sorry for yourself? Unsure of yourself? And just downright not empowered?

Life is always presenting us problems. We find ourselves in predicaments that keep us from thriving. We might be on top of the world today as confident as ever, but in the next moment we may be second guessing ourselves.

At times life may even jolt the confidence right out of us.

While we all want to sulk and feel sorry ourselves on occasion we have to learn to redirect our focus in those moments of helplessness and despair. We can be mad at ourselves for the things we haven’t achieved, not many of us have the insight to see the silver lining that is hidden between the dark clouds.

Having a big-picture view is the most important thing to boost your confidence. There are simple exercises for having greater confidence day in and day out.

Just changing your body language, your tone and your smile can boost confidence.

Here are 3 simple confidence-building exercises I’d like you to consider that can teach us very important lessons in life.

  1. Count your blessings

No, we are not getting philosophical here! What we are trying to tell you is that when things aren’t happening the way you want or plan on, don’t just get into a downward spiral of why me’s.

Yes, failures can be worrisome, but you need to train your mind to think positively and be grateful for what you have.  Exercise gratitude for what is there and lean into that. Don’t focus on what is lacking because that will also grow. Maybe you’re struggling cause your business is not generating enough money? Be grateful that you’re chasing your dreams.  And most importantly believe it will all pan out. Perhaps your parents are not thrilled about your career choice. Don’t focus on that. Be grateful that you have parents. 

See what I mean? When you start counting your blessings, it makes you feel grateful for what you have and removes the negativity in your mind. When we’re positive we evoke confidence just by emanating that frequency.

2. Work-life balance

Regardless of what you do or how far you’ve come in your career or business you need to have work-life balance. This is a key component to peace of mind and feeling confident. The stresses of life can leave us second guessing ourselves altogether. Make sure you are spending enough time with family and loved ones. And don’t forget the “me-time”. This is an absolute must. When your personal life is happy, it reflects on your professional life as well.

On the contrary, when you keep sulking, you tend to fail at both. Relationships can be harder when we are unable to maintain work life balance. We need a healthy amount of – emotional well-being, pshycial well-being, spiritual well-being. All of these have to be a part of the bigger equation.

If you can’t maintain this then it will inevitably impact your self-belief and confidence to a large extent. This is why it is essential to switch off from work and stress when it’s time to unwind and relax. I believe wholeheartedly in the play hard work hard motto.

3. Change the body language

Ok this one may seem a little off kilter here, but I assure you there’s more to it than meets the eye. You can exude self-confidence by following these tips.

Maintain eye contact even when you are talking to people. This tells them that you are sure about yourself. When you are meeting new people, extend your hand warmly and have a genuine smile on your face. Don’t be afraid of strangers. You’re extraverted exterior also exudes confidence. And remember listen. You all know I’m big on this one. It’s powerful so do it! Talking too much or unendingly can actually come off as nervous or unsure of yourself, insecure. And if it’s with a group try out these power poses – lean forward while placing your hands on the table, address them with arms at your hips, sitting with your hands behind your head in a chair, etc. These are just a few power poses that you have to be pretty confident to try.

Manifestation With Author and Publisher Marc Allen

On episode #8 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast we welcome Marc Allen on the show with his remarkable story and insights into how he manifested his ideal life.

Manifestation is one of those things we touch on frequently. Finding exceptional people to share their incredible stories of transformative manifestation is one of the things I take delight in.

It’s always so awesome to have great minds come together with their inspirational insights and guidance about how they have gotten to where they are.

And it was an absolute treasure to have author and Publisher of the New World Library Marc Allen on the show.

The best part about it is he shared very candidly how he manifested his ideal life and created a world full of abundance, prosperity and exceptional joy into being.

Marc Allen | Author & Publisher

Marc Allen is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer.

He co-founded the New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) the author of the best-selling book, Creative Visualization.

Marc’s publishing company New World Library has published works like Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Deepak Chopra and The Collective Works of Joseph Campbell, just to name a few.

He began is his publishing career in 1977 as a small start-up to becoming a major player in the world of independent publishing.

I came to discover Marc through his book, The Greatest Secret of All. The book was full of so many wonderful insights about that elusive key secret that so many of us miss out on in life.

It was transformative for me to read it and I was thrilled that he was open to a conversation with me. It was an absolute honor and treasure to have him on the show.

He has written several other books, including The Magical Path, The Millionaire CourseVisionary Business, and others. He is currently writing The Power of the Feminine: A Guide to Creating Radical Success… With Ease. 

Marc works with people all over the world teaching them this great secret to crafting lives full of abundance and prosperity and this was what I was most interested in having him share.

And he shared wholeheartedly and from the heart his own story and how we can apply his proven techniques to our lives masterfully and manifest our ideal scenario for ourselves.

He has several online programs including Visionary Business, The Magical Path, Success with EaseThe Summer Academy of Writing, and How to Get Happily Published

To learn more about Marc and his programs click the link here –  www.MarcAllen.com

You can also find a beautifully powerful 20 minute mediation on his website here – https://marcallen.com/blossom

Exploring Mindfulness With Dr. Daniel Winkle

Dr. Daniel Winkle Is My Guest On The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast

Dr. Daniel Winkle or Dr. Dan as he is known to many and as I like to call him joined me on the Blossom Your Awesome podcast where we touched on so much. He is an M.D. who is certified by the center for Mind Body Science and he takes a more holistic approach to healing and recovery.

He’s the author of the Eagles Eye Healing  Health and Wellness website where he offers short essays, poetry and guided meditation on self healing and recovery. 

Dr. Dan actively practices mind body medicine at Alameda Health System where he is Medical Director of Acute Rehab Services.  He has seen success and recognition in the field of integrative rehabilitation by implementing mind body based techniques for individuals, communities, and staff to create a more mindful and supportive healthcare environment.

He is a co-author in the upcoming evidence based text Integrative Rehabilitation Practice

Dr. Dan leads us through a powerful guided meditation so be sure to set aside about 5 minutes to listen and dive in with us into the actual practice of Mindfulness. You’ll discover through this guided meditation and his explanation leading up to it that Mindfulness is not as difficult as you may think and there are a lot of misconceptions and false myths around mindfulness. 

We also spend time talking about the dream state and using it to evoke greater imagination and how to really bring imaginative awareness into your life to live a more dynamic existence. 

He offers a unique perspective one not typical of an M.D.

He also explores the dream state in some of his essays as well.


Another topic that we dive into is imagination. The power of it and the potential of it. How expansive it can be and how to use it in a way that is truly limitless.

We can tap into our dreams and use those as inspiration for expanding imaginative ideas and vice versa.

We are powerful creatures and Dr. Dan is an awesome resource to help us better understand the limitlessness of our potential. 

Check out the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #7 – Mindfulness With Dr. Daniel Winkle here.

In Conversation With Spiritual Master: Acharya Shunya

Vedic Spiritual Master Acharya Shunya

In my latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #6 I am in conversation with Enlightened Vedic Spiritual Teacher to thousands Acharya Shunya.

“My wholeness, my power, my worth belongs to me. I own my life. I own my quest. I own my dreams.”

Acharya Shunya

It was a true honor and pleasure to speak with her.

She is master to thousands and Guruji as I like to call her Acharya Shunya.

Understanding Spiritual Lineage

It was a delight and as I continue leaning more and more into my heritage and roots I did feel called and pulled to connect with her as you will hear at the start of our conversation.

Guruji believes we are drawn not by chance or coincidence in a certain direction, but to fulfill karmas from previous lives.

And of course I believe in re-incarnation, always have and its’ just what makes perfect sense to me in our imperfect world.

Too many hard lessons and hardships, symbols and messages to not believe in something far greater at play and a heavy hand in the architectural way in how life is designed.

There is absolutely more to it and I was able to begin to delve a little deeper into some of this with her.

Spiritual Student Of Life

Of course we just scratched the surface. As a student of life and having had the good fortune of reading and taking in wisdom and connecting with masters like Guruji I feel I’m on a path to continued growth and wisdom. And I’m here in this space hoping to bring some of that light forward to you.

Guruji Shunya comes from a lineage of enlightened Masters, spiritual teachers. That’s what Guruji means.

And we touch on a lot of different things. She gives me an in-depth understanding and inside perspective on being part of a lineage of teachers and spiritual masters.

Vedas And The Rishis

She shares powerful insights from the vedas and tells me there were more than twenty female Rishis who contributed to the vedas. I never knew this.

The term is vedic means knowledge or to know.

It’s a knowledge based higher consciousness tradition. Guruji goes on to tell me, “there was a vedic era in India. It was actually known as sanatana dharma, an eternal tradition of what is beautiful and balanced.”

It was the rishis and rishikas, yogis and yoginis that gave birth to ayurveda the system of health and healing from India. They gave birth to meditation. It is from here where tantra came from and jyotisha, vedic astrology.

It was an insightful conversation and I’ve been feeling pretty blessed and blissed ever since.

To learn more about Guruji Acharya Shunya and her teachings you can check out her website here.

To hear the entire episode click here – Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #6.

Projects I’m Working On | Interviews | The Podcast | Inspirational Video

I’m working on a handful of things as usual. Never enough time in the day, but I remain hopeful it will all over a period of time indeed get done. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately.

Almost March? What? What happened to January and the most of February? So crazy, the lightening speed at which time is traveling.

They would tell me when I was younger time flies, but I really didn’t get it. And now with the aging process and having put a few decades down I’m starting to get it.

Perspective is one thing, but experience is a whole ‘nother thing.

So as a writer and trainer I have a pretty jam pack schedule, but Sundays are all mine. What does all mine entail? For me it entails lounging heavy – ok so it’s probably not the kind of lounging you’d imagine. When I say lounging I’ve got my cup of coffee or iced coffee.

My Dream Morning Cup of Joe | Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Ok this is not really my cup, but I kind of need to go find one just like this. I’ve drank from cups like this and it always seems like some delightful all too short lived experience that leaves my lips partially chapped, my throat cold with glee and my heart warm with cheer.

So Sundays are spent reading, writing, doing some Reiki, which is generally a daily thing and of course a little amped up meditation. Not to leave out my walk or run. A little sweat is par for the course.

And while it may seem far fetched I embody what I preach. I really do live like this and this is what I do.

So heads up on what I’m working on – My next book – It’s a Memoir of Sorts – let’s just say – Hint Hint.

Sue – Writing Her Next Book

Yes. I do write long hand from time to time. I have stacks and stacks of journals – handwritten notepads, notes, my old reporter notebooks and journals all over the place. Stacks that need to get transported – moved over to the digital age so I can turn those thoughts, woes and worries, profundities at times and many times messages from the divine into something substantive.

Yes. I am called to write and share. Nothing more awesome than provoking thought and evoking emotion.

It’s my cup of tea indeed.