3 Ways To Build Your Confidence

How many times in life have you felt unworthy? Sorry for yourself? Unsure of yourself? And just downright not empowered?

Life is always presenting us problems. We find ourselves in predicaments that keep us from thriving. We might be on top of the world today as confident as ever, but in the next moment we may be second guessing ourselves.

At times life may even jolt the confidence right out of us.

While we all want to sulk and feel sorry ourselves on occasion we have to learn to redirect our focus in those moments of helplessness and despair. We can be mad at ourselves for the things we haven’t achieved, not many of us have the insight to see the silver lining that is hidden between the dark clouds.

Having a big-picture view is the most important thing to boost your confidence. There are simple exercises for having greater confidence day in and day out.

Just changing your body language, your tone and your smile can boost confidence.

Here are 3 simple confidence-building exercises I’d like you to consider that can teach us very important lessons in life.

  1. Count your blessings

No, we are not getting philosophical here! What we are trying to tell you is that when things aren’t happening the way you want or plan on, don’t just get into a downward spiral of why me’s.

Yes, failures can be worrisome, but you need to train your mind to think positively and be grateful for what you have.  Exercise gratitude for what is there and lean into that. Don’t focus on what is lacking because that will also grow. Maybe you’re struggling cause your business is not generating enough money? Be grateful that you’re chasing your dreams.  And most importantly believe it will all pan out. Perhaps your parents are not thrilled about your career choice. Don’t focus on that. Be grateful that you have parents. 

See what I mean? When you start counting your blessings, it makes you feel grateful for what you have and removes the negativity in your mind. When we’re positive we evoke confidence just by emanating that frequency.

2. Work-life balance

Regardless of what you do or how far you’ve come in your career or business you need to have work-life balance. This is a key component to peace of mind and feeling confident. The stresses of life can leave us second guessing ourselves altogether. Make sure you are spending enough time with family and loved ones. And don’t forget the “me-time”. This is an absolute must. When your personal life is happy, it reflects on your professional life as well.

On the contrary, when you keep sulking, you tend to fail at both. Relationships can be harder when we are unable to maintain work life balance. We need a healthy amount of – emotional well-being, pshycial well-being, spiritual well-being. All of these have to be a part of the bigger equation.

If you can’t maintain this then it will inevitably impact your self-belief and confidence to a large extent. This is why it is essential to switch off from work and stress when it’s time to unwind and relax. I believe wholeheartedly in the play hard work hard motto.

3. Change the body language

Ok this one may seem a little off kilter here, but I assure you there’s more to it than meets the eye. You can exude self-confidence by following these tips.

Maintain eye contact even when you are talking to people. This tells them that you are sure about yourself. When you are meeting new people, extend your hand warmly and have a genuine smile on your face. Don’t be afraid of strangers. You’re extraverted exterior also exudes confidence. And remember listen. You all know I’m big on this one. It’s powerful so do it! Talking too much or unendingly can actually come off as nervous or unsure of yourself, insecure. And if it’s with a group try out these power poses – lean forward while placing your hands on the table, address them with arms at your hips, sitting with your hands behind your head in a chair, etc. These are just a few power poses that you have to be pretty confident to try.

Manifestation With Author and Publisher Marc Allen

On episode #8 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast we welcome Marc Allen on the show with his remarkable story and insights into how he manifested his ideal life.

Manifestation is one of those things we touch on frequently. Finding exceptional people to share their incredible stories of transformative manifestation is one of the things I take delight in.

It’s always so awesome to have great minds come together with their inspirational insights and guidance about how they have gotten to where they are.

And it was an absolute treasure to have author and Publisher of the New World Library Marc Allen on the show.

The best part about it is he shared very candidly how he manifested his ideal life and created a world full of abundance, prosperity and exceptional joy into being.

Marc Allen | Author & Publisher

Marc Allen is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer.

He co-founded the New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) the author of the best-selling book, Creative Visualization.

Marc’s publishing company New World Library has published works like Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Deepak Chopra and The Collective Works of Joseph Campbell, just to name a few.

He began is his publishing career in 1977 as a small start-up to becoming a major player in the world of independent publishing.

I came to discover Marc through his book, The Greatest Secret of All. The book was full of so many wonderful insights about that elusive key secret that so many of us miss out on in life.

It was transformative for me to read it and I was thrilled that he was open to a conversation with me. It was an absolute honor and treasure to have him on the show.

He has written several other books, including The Magical Path, The Millionaire CourseVisionary Business, and others. He is currently writing The Power of the Feminine: A Guide to Creating Radical Success… With Ease. 

Marc works with people all over the world teaching them this great secret to crafting lives full of abundance and prosperity and this was what I was most interested in having him share.

And he shared wholeheartedly and from the heart his own story and how we can apply his proven techniques to our lives masterfully and manifest our ideal scenario for ourselves.

He has several online programs including Visionary Business, The Magical Path, Success with EaseThe Summer Academy of Writing, and How to Get Happily Published

To learn more about Marc and his programs click the link here –  www.MarcAllen.com

You can also find a beautifully powerful 20 minute mediation on his website here – https://marcallen.com/blossom

Exploring Mindfulness With Dr. Daniel Winkle

Dr. Daniel Winkle Is My Guest On The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast

Dr. Daniel Winkle or Dr. Dan as he is known to many and as I like to call him joined me on the Blossom Your Awesome podcast where we touched on so much. He is an M.D. who is certified by the center for Mind Body Science and he takes a more holistic approach to healing and recovery.

He’s the author of the Eagles Eye Healing  Health and Wellness website where he offers short essays, poetry and guided meditation on self healing and recovery. 

Dr. Dan actively practices mind body medicine at Alameda Health System where he is Medical Director of Acute Rehab Services.  He has seen success and recognition in the field of integrative rehabilitation by implementing mind body based techniques for individuals, communities, and staff to create a more mindful and supportive healthcare environment.

He is a co-author in the upcoming evidence based text Integrative Rehabilitation Practice

Dr. Dan leads us through a powerful guided meditation so be sure to set aside about 5 minutes to listen and dive in with us into the actual practice of Mindfulness. You’ll discover through this guided meditation and his explanation leading up to it that Mindfulness is not as difficult as you may think and there are a lot of misconceptions and false myths around mindfulness. 

We also spend time talking about the dream state and using it to evoke greater imagination and how to really bring imaginative awareness into your life to live a more dynamic existence. 

He offers a unique perspective one not typical of an M.D.

He also explores the dream state in some of his essays as well.


Another topic that we dive into is imagination. The power of it and the potential of it. How expansive it can be and how to use it in a way that is truly limitless.

We can tap into our dreams and use those as inspiration for expanding imaginative ideas and vice versa.

We are powerful creatures and Dr. Dan is an awesome resource to help us better understand the limitlessness of our potential. 

Check out the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #7 – Mindfulness With Dr. Daniel Winkle here.

In Conversation With Spiritual Master: Acharya Shunya

Vedic Spiritual Master Acharya Shunya

In my latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #6 I am in conversation with Enlightened Vedic Spiritual Teacher to thousands Acharya Shunya.

“My wholeness, my power, my worth belongs to me. I own my life. I own my quest. I own my dreams.”

Acharya Shunya

It was a true honor and pleasure to speak with her.

She is master to thousands and Guruji as I like to call her Acharya Shunya.

Understanding Spiritual Lineage

It was a delight and as I continue leaning more and more into my heritage and roots I did feel called and pulled to connect with her as you will hear at the start of our conversation.

Guruji believes we are drawn not by chance or coincidence in a certain direction, but to fulfill karmas from previous lives.

And of course I believe in re-incarnation, always have and its’ just what makes perfect sense to me in our imperfect world.

Too many hard lessons and hardships, symbols and messages to not believe in something far greater at play and a heavy hand in the architectural way in how life is designed.

There is absolutely more to it and I was able to begin to delve a little deeper into some of this with her.

Spiritual Student Of Life

Of course we just scratched the surface. As a student of life and having had the good fortune of reading and taking in wisdom and connecting with masters like Guruji I feel I’m on a path to continued growth and wisdom. And I’m here in this space hoping to bring some of that light forward to you.

Guruji Shunya comes from a lineage of enlightened Masters, spiritual teachers. That’s what Guruji means.

And we touch on a lot of different things. She gives me an in-depth understanding and inside perspective on being part of a lineage of teachers and spiritual masters.

Vedas And The Rishis

She shares powerful insights from the vedas and tells me there were more than twenty female Rishis who contributed to the vedas. I never knew this.

The term is vedic means knowledge or to know.

It’s a knowledge based higher consciousness tradition. Guruji goes on to tell me, “there was a vedic era in India. It was actually known as sanatana dharma, an eternal tradition of what is beautiful and balanced.”

It was the rishis and rishikas, yogis and yoginis that gave birth to ayurveda the system of health and healing from India. They gave birth to meditation. It is from here where tantra came from and jyotisha, vedic astrology.

It was an insightful conversation and I’ve been feeling pretty blessed and blissed ever since.

To learn more about Guruji Acharya Shunya and her teachings you can check out her website here.

To hear the entire episode click here – Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #6.

Projects I’m Working On | Interviews | The Podcast | Inspirational Video

I’m working on a handful of things as usual. Never enough time in the day, but I remain hopeful it will all over a period of time indeed get done. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately.

Almost March? What? What happened to January and the most of February? So crazy, the lightening speed at which time is traveling.

They would tell me when I was younger time flies, but I really didn’t get it. And now with the aging process and having put a few decades down I’m starting to get it.

Perspective is one thing, but experience is a whole ‘nother thing.

So as a writer and trainer I have a pretty jam pack schedule, but Sundays are all mine. What does all mine entail? For me it entails lounging heavy – ok so it’s probably not the kind of lounging you’d imagine. When I say lounging I’ve got my cup of coffee or iced coffee.

My Dream Morning Cup of Joe | Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Ok this is not really my cup, but I kind of need to go find one just like this. I’ve drank from cups like this and it always seems like some delightful all too short lived experience that leaves my lips partially chapped, my throat cold with glee and my heart warm with cheer.

So Sundays are spent reading, writing, doing some Reiki, which is generally a daily thing and of course a little amped up meditation. Not to leave out my walk or run. A little sweat is par for the course.

And while it may seem far fetched I embody what I preach. I really do live like this and this is what I do.

So heads up on what I’m working on – My next book – It’s a Memoir of Sorts – let’s just say – Hint Hint.

Sue – Writing Her Next Book

Yes. I do write long hand from time to time. I have stacks and stacks of journals – handwritten notepads, notes, my old reporter notebooks and journals all over the place. Stacks that need to get transported – moved over to the digital age so I can turn those thoughts, woes and worries, profundities at times and many times messages from the divine into something substantive.

Yes. I am called to write and share. Nothing more awesome than provoking thought and evoking emotion.

It’s my cup of tea indeed.

My daily planner

My planner is jam packed yes. Even on the weekends.

It seems that time is a finite commodity and I’m running short on it. There just is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

What can I say.

Here’s what a regular monday looks like for me and you can assume it’s like this pretty much every other day.

Monday Planner – Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

Ok – I know this image is here is more a little place holder or a thought provoker. My schedule starts with coffee and some light reading on to a short meditation. Got to get my berries in – blueberries, coffee, chocolate, sometimes a banana and often a little chocolate sea salt brownie bite from Trader Joe’s or two. Oh the oddities of life.

I wasn’t expecting such goodness when I picked up my first box a few weeks ago that would soon become an addiction.

So as a student of life – I’ve spent a lot of time studying and investigating high achievers. I have a lot on my plate always and a lot I’m needing to get done.

I’ve got an awesome podcast episode – yep #5 on the table – just a few chops here and there a little light editing and it will be up in no time. That’s on today’s agenda. A few calls with clients who are journeying with me.

Looking for power ways to get through the hard stuff? Well I’ve had my share of hard stuff and I can definitely help you through it. That’s kind of what I do.

And then here goes – And yes this is really the daily schedule

  1. Coffee – breakfast
  2. 20 Minutes of Reading – sometimes writing
  3. Stretching
  4. 20 Minutes of Meditation
  5. Checking emails – answering emails
  6. Calls – Client calls
  7. Interviews or shooting a story
  8. Writing – 1-2 hours
  9. Reiki

While it may seem slightly daunting I do plug all of these things in to my day.

Each and every day.

Where I Want To Travel To

The pandemic makes it hard to get out and about. We’re stuck here and for me it’s a pretty awesome place to be stuck. I’m encased by redwoods hundreds of feet tall. They offer piece and serenity although Friday night a little windstorm blew in for about 45 minutes in the middle of night.

I didn’t know what to make of it. I wasn’t sure how long it would last. I could here the crackling of old branches being unhinged after a hundred plus years of holding on.

I lay there fascinated by all the glory of nature. How these trees that surround my abode had made it through so much natural turbulence.

The threat of fire here is a looming one.

And irrespective of this potential notion that this part of the Oakland Hills could singe with fury especially if the winds blow in the way they did the other night I’m ok.

The trees support me. They support the journey I’m on. And I’m blessed beyond measure to call this home. I sit atop the edge of a mountainside that looks out west off to the Pacific with the East calling me on the other side.

I’ve always longed for the East. It’s in my blood. I long to go back to India for an extended period of time. To the cascading hills and mountains of the Dharma sala and to perhaps pay the Dalai Lama a visit. I’m after a hug really. What a treasure it would be to get a good belly laugh in with His Holiness.

Here’s one that always cheers me up.

Really I’m not called to Europe although I’ve sprawled about a little there. I’m called to ancient holy sites of Cambodia. Ankgor Wat calls me to come.

It’s as if my Gurus are inviting me with a very personal invitation.

The pandemic seems to be forging on. Vaccines are rolling out in slow order although there are promises of 600 million to be distributed by June. I like the sound of that. According to my math we’d be just about 100 million short here in the states at two per person.

So there is promise on the horizon. It lay idly by as we continue doing what we do.

Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? Well yes. Some aspects of my life, like work are much more organized than the other aspects, but it seems like it’s all work no play these days. Being a content creator during a pandemic is like an incredible blessing that forces me to create. No more happy hour wine or out to the movies. Dinners out at all the incredible restaurants here in the bay, over. Sad. Especially for a foodie like me, but again a blessing in the strangest ways.

As far as work goes – there is clear direction. I have a list of tasks that I’m always working on.

And a daily routine certainly helps. Staying organized in life is the same as keeping an organized work space. You just have to keep that way. So keep with it essentially. Meaning if you choose to clean it up then you have to keep it clean. So this is the beauty of that routine or having one. It teaches you how to stick to things. Stick it out for the long haul or see it all the way through.

This is one a lot of people struggle with. Seeing things all the way through. How many tasks have you left half way through?

This is the most opportune time to get back to that thing you started, that hobby. Those empty journals, those pages just yearning for something, anything.

The Daily Routine | Yes! We’re Talking About It

The Daily Routine - Yes We're Talking About It

Ok so we’ve talked about getting together a game plan and that is great and dandy. I love the game plan cause that is our first step to getting together an actual schedule, i.e. routine!

So what is this exactly and why is it so important?

A routine – according to – Webster is – 1 : of a commonplace or repetitious character : ordinary routine problems. 2 : of, relating to, or being in accordance with established procedure routine business.

Yes – precisely. Of a commonplace or repetitious character do you say?

Yes. Yes! And YES!!! I do!

This is the bread and butter behind it all right here. It’s get in to the rhythm. Flow state. It’s establishing a routine, not just a game plan, but beginning to implement those daily steps that formulate you, shape you, make you and every now and then break you.

Breaking’s good. This is when we flex. Get our real flex on. Muscle up. Tough it out.

So when I say every so often break you – I mean – every now and then we are so in the dug out that it just seems like we can’t keep going, but it’s the routine that allows us to crack the code. Get beneath our grit and grime and see what we are really made of.

How committed are we? We all talk about stuff. We all dream and day dream and talk about fluffy marshmallowy dreams that might turn into something some day, but come on guys. We all know that talk is cheap. So cheap. It’s fruitless really. Talk is just that, talk. There’s no action behind talk. It’s a four letter word that’s all about chopping it up.

And yes talk can be good. It can be motivating. It’s not all bad. And alot of great ideas start with a lot of talk.

However that talk then must be met with action.

So here’s why a routine is so important – it’s those baby steps.

It’s not the whole enchilada, but it’s the fixings, it’s the ingredients, it’s the little nuggets that make it a whole enchilada eventually.

So the routine is like the – the talk about – “what’s for dinner?”

And then that’s followed up with possibly a trip to the grocery store – where we take that next step and get the ingredients. We’ve figured out what we’re having – That’s the GAME PLAN – check out this post if you haven’t already seen it.

So that’s the game plan and the next step is getting together those ingredients.

So in the world of routines – that entails your day.


Let’s break it down.

Is it a free for all? Do you just wing it? Do you take it as it comes?

Do you have moments and minutes plugged in that are regular where you do that little extra or you set time aside to take those baby steps towards that goal?

Ok – let’s break it down a little more. Are you setting aside time each and every single day to – lose weight? Work on that dream goal, side hustle business idea, book?

Is that a daily thing?

Or is it a when you feel like it thing and I’d rather just lay low thing?

What kind of dream is it? How bad do you want it?

The routine is important for so many reasons. Every successful person in the world has a routine. They generally go to bed at the same time.

They wake up – usually without an alarm. Your body is your alarm clock. It knows exactly when to wake up.

They start their day exactly the same way – with a 10 minutes of quiet time. They then get their coffee or tea going. They read for 20 minutes.

They do some push ups or crunches. Or they start their morning with a hardcore workout.

What is that you do every single day to see results over time?

There’s got to be something.

The mind and body love a routine. They love knowing how it’ll go.

And those people who are crushing it – own their days. If we don’t have an outline, a routine, then our day owns us. That’s just how it goes.

There’s no rigid timeline or outline in place for our day so we just kind of take it as it comes. And this my friends is not the power way of manifesting.

Manifesting entails very clear focus, purpose, intent, an actual plan all laid out.

Daily Routine Tips And Tricks

  1. Make your bed – this is such a powerful routine to get into the habit of. It’s the first critical exercise of the day that allows you to have achieved something right when you first get up. It puts you in the right frame of mind to get things going first thing. It’s a great way to get your day started. It takes a minute, but adds so much productivity to your day because you set the stage for the rest of your day with this initial powerful routine. Make it habit.
  2. Lemon Water – As a cleansing routine and means to starting and staying healthy start your morning a with some lemon water. Check out the benefits here.
  3. Have your coffee or tea all dialed in the night before. So if that means prepping in advance. Setting the timer then do it. You’ll be one step ahead of the rest.
  4. 10 minutes of quietude – Meditate – How about you wait about 15 minutes before looking at your phone and getting yourself all techied out and just chill out. 10 minutes of meditation in the morning can add hours of productivity to your day. The benefits are enormous. You’ll be calmer, more reflective, your brain will be more dynamic from that much needed rest – 10 minutes will do it. The longer the better, but even 10 minutes is huge. You’ll be less reactive. And you will be so much sharper throughout the day. You’ll be more clear headed, not to mention level headed, less guarded, more at ease and did I say less reactive? Yes all of that. It’s so powerful and all of the most successful people are jumping in on it. Meditation is the real deal folks. I grew up on this stuff and it’s the most powerful tool in your tool belt/arsenal. Use it and stick to it. Make it a part of your morning ritual. It’s a game changer.
  5. Read – if you can plug in 5 minutes over a bowl of cereal this sets the stage for your day, productivity, advancement, fine tuning your knowledge and a great exercise for the mind.
  6. Check List – have a daily schedule laid out – bonus – I do mine the night before – around 7pm. Don’t do it too late cause then you’ll be up all night thinking about everything you have to do in the morning. And do I need to expand on the power of positivity and exuberance we feel when we start checking things off. It’s the greatest affirmation of accomplishment. Even those little things are so awesome to check off. We feel accomplished.

And of course it’s up to you – what your routine is going to look like – but mine looks a lot like the one we just mapped out for you above. Plug in your own stuff, but the key is to do it daily, make it a habit, a ritual, stick with it. Yes even on the weekends! It’s what we like as human beings. We like and thrive on routine!

What’s your routine look like? Let me know. I’d love to hear!

Let’s crush 2021!

Tell me you’re ready!

Game Plan | 2021 | What Is Your Plan?



2020 is over. Thank God, but here’s my take on it. It wasn’t all bad and actually for us soul seekers and those always wanting to go deeper with ourselves, it was a blessing in disguise.

It was good. Real good for slowing us down. We had to slow our roll immensely. We scaled back on the superficial things. We paused the consumerism. Well some of us did. I’m not big on Amazon. No judgement. Just saying.

Amazon is the titan and you can surely get lost in the sea of selections on that site. Not only that, but the time that we give to these things. This is one we can never get back.


Time is our friend when we see it’s value and use it in a way that enhances us, our lives and those around us. When we wake up to each and every moment and see the weight of its power, time is truly our friend.

However when we spend a lot of time on things that don’t necessarily serve us in the end, worry, living in the past, regrets, sitting in extended bouts of sorrow, time is a great loss.


Here’s the deal though – I have all that I could possibly need in life. I don’t need any more stuff. I’m after growth, soul growth, wisdom, books, scaling up my knowledge and my writing.

I want to do better with myself for myself and all of those around me.

We had our hopes dashed as the pandemic seared it’s way into our world. Cut off from socializing, zooming with friends and scaling back in so many ways.

I think it’s been good. We’ve been forced out of our comfort zones into more what I would call is loving territory.

And while some have had a rough go of it by being forced to stay home for extended periods of time others have undergone exceptional transformation. We’re talking more. We’re I’m hoping listening more and better. Yes this is a skill that requires practice.


We are just slowing down. We have more time to reflect. We are getting back to some of those old hobbies or things we started and never finished. Oh how rewarding it is.

We have more time with loved ones. We are reading more. Thank you God! I’ve loved this part of it more than anything.

And now let me ask you – what are you going to do with all of this newfound wisdom, strength, resilience, knowledge?


2021 is going to be far better not because 2020 sucked. Cause in my opinion it really didn’t. It was actually a pivotal year for momentous growth. Yes the pandemic sucked and people dying from a horrific virus sucks. And we’re not out of the woods, far from it. We are on the surge right now. Worst than ever, but we’ve learned, most of us have at least.

We are smarter, braver, wiser. We are more hopeful now cause we’ve felt the enormity of loss. We bring fervor and zest back to our goals and desires. We are more adamant and determined to get there. We’ve had a year of contemplative sitting. And no we have not been idle.


We’re 3 days out now. And for me I’m ready. Already ready and getting ready, real ready for a monumental year.

I’ve got big plans folks. You can expect my next book or two. Be on the look out for more video content from me. I’ll be doing a lot of features here from Oakland. I want to share stories that inspire me and I hope will inspire you too. It’s those stories about awesome people up to awesome things that always move me and touch me in some way that shoot straight to my heart. That’s what I’ll be doing.

And here are some thoughts on how to get going on your big plans for 2021.


Yep, that’s right. Claim your prize. Outloud. Say it. Affirm it. Feel it and sense the power and weight of your words. Sense and feel the weight of those feelings that bubble inside in shear excitement of this goal.


Step outside of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Go for a bigger goal. Make it worthy of you. There is no goal too big or small that you cannot manifest.


Make sure you are looking for constant inspiration. Again start your day – 5-10 minutes with something inspirational, motivational. You can just listen while you’re getting ready or while you’re eating breakfast. The way you start your day is how your day will turn out.


Make sure to make time for you. Sit in silence. Get into nature. Realign yourself daily. Do those things that feed and nurture your soul. Make sure you take 5-10 minutes everyday. It is my sincere hope you will make a real practice out of it. Make it a habit. Come up with a routine that you stick to at least Monday through Friday. Routines make it more habit forming. So if you’re going to sit in silence for 5-10 minutes do it in the morning, same time every day. We are creatures of habit and when we begin making it routine and sticking to those time slots we are more biologically in tune and it’s easier to make a habit of it.


Lay out the foundation, the roadmap. Map out precisely those baby steps that you plan to take to move yourself powerfully in the direction of realizing this ambition. I have my plans all laid out for the entire year. My projections for where I plan on being are broken down into bite size pieces month to month.

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