One Day Or Day One?

Photo by  Artem Bali  on  Unsplash .
Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash.

Day one or one day?  It’s all in the interpretation.

Will this be the first day of the rest of our lives?  Our first day to start off fresh and hit the ground running?  Or is this one day, just one day, just another day?  It’s hardly just another day.  It’s a day we are lucky to have.  It’s a day to be treasured.  It’s a day to enjoy and honor and make the most of.

Each day can be met with this same zest.  Life is not slowing down for any of us.  They told me when I was younger it would start going faster and faster and today is another affirmation of that.  I wrote my first 2019 on paper and it felt awkward, confusing, momentous, and numbing.

There’s always that nano-second of reflection that hits us each and every year we meet this little stumbling block.  We move past it quickly and while it offers opportunity for reflection, even our moment of reflection is fleeting.  We don’t sit with it, in it for more than a few seconds.  Minutes perhaps?

Or perhaps we do?  Maybe we have the attitude of peace and calm and we allow the ponderance.  We do what we do to get it done.  Or maybe we aren’t hurried and we’ve sat with the moment and offered ourselves and those around some sense of deeper understanding and solace of the racing hands of time.  Maybe this is that first day when it all comes full circle?  This could be the day we wake up and rise.  We realize the passing of time.  It’s more like a speed race this whole thing about time. It passes with such speed we can hardly grasp it’s preciousness.  How do we live in each and every moment powerfully?  How do we just be in this moment now fully and with all our heart?

Let this be the day we have a new outlook, a more abundant and full outlook.  Let this be the year we love fully, and live magnificently and learn unequivocally why we are here.  Let us live and love with all our might.  Let us fulfill our life’s purpose with zest and rigor and let us be our most awesome selves as we crank up the gears and get ready for another awesome year!

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One Day Or Day One?

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