Mindful Communication | How To Master It?

Mindful Communication is the most powerful way to communicate with anyone and everyone in your world. Approaching an exchange in this way is the most effective way. It the best way to get your point across allowing this other person to feel understood and heard.

Different Types Of Communication

There are many different types of communication. There are different cues for communication. There is verbal and non-verbal communication.

And there is the type of communication that allows us to feel moved and connected. That is mindful communication.

We all need to converse and connect to others in someway. And while some of us manage to get by and get along others struggle with their communication. Many people feel stuck, unheard, invalidated with what they have to share and what is on their heart.

Powerful Communication
Mindful Communication | Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

I’ve written about this top extensively and I want to offer some clarity here on exactly what it is and why you have to understand the power of it.

How can learning this other way help you in life?

First, in order to understand Mindful Communication let’s consider mindfulness – what is mindfulness? Mindfulness in a very broad and general sense is the ability to bring your awareness fully to the present moment. For more on Mindfulness listen in to my conversation with Dr. Daniel Winkle on the episode #7 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

Secondly with this understanding imagine what bringing mindfulness to each and every exchange in your world would do for your relationships and all of your interactions?

Thirdly, consider how would this benefit you and the other person?

This essentially means that when you arrive to a conversation you are listening with total presence. Your desire to speak is less important than your desire to want to listen and connect. It’s through intentional listening that we are able to response powerfully to what people have to say.

We are not just giving lip service, but we are responding to exactly what they are sharing with us allowing us to go deeper with this other person.

How Listening Validates Others

  • We hear them and their point of view
  • They feel completely heard and validated
  • As a result we learn things we may not have known by listening at length
  • Then we can respond more powerfully cause we’ve allowed them to share from the heart
  • They feel more connected to us because we gave them the courtesy to share at length

For instance this comes in most handy in conflicting scenarios where there has been hardship and difficulty. Now don’t get me wrong. This works in every scenario and can be so beneficial in every encounter. Even in the workplace. Imagine how powerful it could be to have deeper more constructive dialogue with your boss or colleagues, your teammates.

Conversely, you’d walk away feel more aligned on the project. You’d feel heard and received. Your feelings would be affirmed when we begin to understand in this way.

On Mindful Communication | My Book Heart To Heart Offers Step By Step Guidance

Therefore when we communicate mindfully we show up, all in for this other person and for this interaction. We’ve arrived with presence. We want to hear what they have to say. Our need to speak is not greater than our need to listen and even better, connect. That’s what mindful communication does. It opens up the possibilities and allows people to connect.

Here is an excerpt from my book on this very subject, Heart To Heart: 10 Steps To Communicating Mindfully and Connecting Deeply. You can download Chapter 1 here if you are really ready to start diving deeper with those around you.

Understanding This Way Of Communication

Let’s consider this idea of showing up powerfully in this way for a communication, but not just to talk and communicate, but to connect.

Here is a video I made on this for greater clarity. I even offer a series of scenarios that you may apply to your situation.

I Go Into Greater Depth Here On The #1 Way To Communicate

I teach this stuff and if you are truly interested or need to resolve conflict with someone or have a difficult person you’d like to do better with then this training is for you. It’s jam packed with actionable tips that’ll get you going on your way right away. You can begin applying the guidance to your life or your current situation right now. And it’s free! You can sign up for my free training here.


What Is The Most Powerful Way To Communicate?

The #1 Step to communication contrary to what you might think is listening. It opens the gateway to powerful dialogue that is an exchange and allows depth and connection to unfold between two or more people.

What If I Have A Difficult Person Who Likes To Argue?

There is an easier way. Even the most difficult person will respond in a different way when your approach changes. When you begin by listening first the other person is automatically rendered defenseless.

What If I’m Not Speaking To Someone Right Now?

Not speaking to someone is a consequence of struggling with communication. Mindful communication will teach you how to rectify hard relationships and have hard conversations even with difficult people. When we listen and learn to show up to each exchange from a place of empathy we render the other person defenseless. When we give them their voice and their moment to share they don’t want to scream. They generally will feel at ease and be able to share with their heart.

For more on Mindful Communication Thich Nhat Hanh offers this explanation.

Thich Nhat Hanh On Mindful Communication
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Mindful Communication | How To Master It?

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