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I'm a mindfulness trainer, energy worker and host of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. You've come to the right place. I'm on a journey to help you do all of the above. 

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I'm a writer on a mission to share helpful guidance on self-improvement and health and wellness. I'm bringing you tips, tricks and  insights through my own research and from experts.

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It is my hope that you are living your most awesome life and I'm here to help you along with tidbits of golden nuggets. We are all about self-improvement, mindfulness, wellness and spiritual inspiration.


Join the tribe and level up. We go deep with the inner journeying and soul work and all things related to self-help, mindfulness and health and wellness.


The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast is the best place to start if you want to learn and grow.

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I'm Sue Dhillon

As a writer I'm not only always doing the obvious, but reading, learning, exploring and expanding my own awareness so I can be learned and bring you awesomeness on a regular basis.

Let's journey together. I'm suggesting books, self improvement hacks, along with health and wellness guidance. I'm talking to amazing people each week on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast and I'm sharing wisdom from my reading, research and powerful conversations and bringing you incredible insights. 

writer, journalist, trainer, energy worker, host of the blossom your awesome podcast

 the free next level communication training is jam packed with actionable tips and insights you can begin applying right now. 

Learn the #1 way to communicate with anyone and everyone in your world.  Bring presence and awareness to each and every exchange.
ARRIVE UNGUARDED with an open heart,   Elevate the dialogue and have more meaningful conversation awakens deep  connection to others. the most magnificent exchanges happen when we show up in this way. learn how to let go of old hurts and wounds, resolve conflict and move powerfully with grace into the expanse of heartfelt communication that leaves you touched and moved deeply. Level up and take your communication to a whole new level.you will never see communication in the same way.  

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Next Level Communication

It's in showing up in this way that we allow ascension of not only the conversation, but the connection.

It can be so revelatory to just listen"

- Sue dhillon, heart to heart

SElf Inquisition guide


This is my signature guide to beginning to journey inward. Self-discovery is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 

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Raw and real - the Next Level Communication Training will have you leveling up your communication game in ways you'd never imagined.


soul work teachings

My courses are a cut above the rest. We go deep into inner journeying and soul work. The learning is contemplative and truly life changing. Mindful communication will have you showing up in a whole new way. It's transformational and will put you on a trajectory to awesomeness.

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The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast is the place to find inspiration, insights, guidance and some pretty awesome contemplative takeaways. I'm on a mission to support awakening to a more loving, more expansive, more visceral existence with experts, authors, trainers bringing you magical insights and practical tips and guidance. Love the podcast? That's awesome of course. Sign up for bonus content reserved for my BYA tribe only or just click below and listen in. 

ep. 19 - wakefulness 


ep. 9 - compassionate listening


ep. 7 - mindfulness with Dr. Dan


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In an effort to bring you more of me, more of my own personal insights through a life of research, inquiry, hardships, enormous trial and tribulations and inevitable revelations here it is........

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I'm an avid writer as you know and that came with my avid reading. I'm putting down anywhere from 1-2 books a week and I'm laying down here for you some of my greatest takeaways from my reading with my own writing.

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Heart to heart

This book was born from a deep space of inquiry after years of struggle. It was written with the sincere hope of helping, touching your soul and offering hope to those who find themselves in that space.

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My favorite things and topics all in one place for you. I'm bringing you self improvement hacks, wellness tips, mindfulness guidance, resources, and some of the most powerful takeaways from the podcast. 

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How I Became An Energy Worker

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3 things I've learned about life as a reiki master

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This Guide Is Life Changing

THE ultimate self inquisition GUIDE

If you are finally there and ready then this free guide is for you. It was born out of my own decades of work in self inquisition. Learn to find the answers within and trust your own intuitive prowess. 

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Speak From the heart.

Level up with your communication. Sign up for my free self inquiry mini course. Sure to not disappoint. You get to learn to go deeper with yourself and all those around you. 



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