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Liz Lewinson | On The Power Of The Loving Man & Letting Women Lead

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On this latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I have award winning author, speaker and teacher Liz Lewinson sharing some powerful insights.

Liz Lewinson

She is the author of The Power Of The Loving Man and Women, Meditation and Power. Her award winning book American Buddhist Rebel is critically acclaimed and widely received.

We talk about Men and Vulnerability and men allowing women to lead, the importance of that and the power of that. Liz has a depth of wisdom around this subject. She shares her thoughts on why at this particular time it is critical that men are able to express vulnerability and allow women to lead.

We speak candidly about societal pressures men face in having to always put up a tough exterior, but the necessity for sensitive, loving kindness and warmth. 

It’s a powerful conversation with a meditation and mindfulness practitioner who has spent a life time on this beautiful journey of elevated awareness. 

Join us for this beautiful and powerful exchange. 

It is as always my sincere hope you will find a little golden nugget, a tidbit of wisdom or a loving insight that will fill your heart with warmth, kindness and a little joy.

Get in touch with Liz at this link here – Liz

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