The Epiphany Wake Up Call With Kevin Roth

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On episode #13 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I have famed musician Kevin Roth. 

Kevin Roth On The Dulcimer

Kevin Roth had an epiphany wake up call and he shares with me how he leveraged that to tap into greatness.

While most people may not know the powerful way forward Kevin used this as an opportunity to lean into his own limitlessness and come out on top.

Kevin was given a scary medical diagnosis that he now calls his – “epiphany wake up call”. 

And as a result of that diagnosis he turned everything around for himself. 

He says he stopped living in fear and decided to leap forward into fearlessness, success and optimum health. 

He began a daily practice that returned him to wholeness through his own deeper understanding of life. 

He is now teaching people this way of living. He used this adversity and turned it into something for his higher good and is now living his most awesome life. 

He teaches people how to live their dream life and alleviate the stresses of fear and uncertainty that hold most of us back. 

He has so many great insights and a sense of peace about all that is. 

We had a very insightful conversation and Kevin has so much to share that will help you on your journey.

I believe his spiritual nature and being a musician and artist has a lot to do with that. We get into all of it. 

Join me for his remarkable story of overcoming fear and leaning into joy and living his most awesome life fearlessly. 

Kevin has powerful wisdom for us all and teaches us how even the most scariest thing can lead to finding our inner resolve and strength to forge ahead powerfully. 

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