Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow Episode #9

It’s one of my all time favorite topics. Listening! The most powerful step in communication and often the most neglected. I had the delight of speaking with Senior facilitator for the Compassionate Listening Project – Susan Partnow. She shared wisdom and insights about compassionate listening. It was a conversation full of love and insights andContinue reading “Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow Episode #9”

Empathy The Power Of Compassion

Empathy, the power of compassion is perhaps the greatest gift we can give not only to others, but ourselves.  A deeper knowing comes upon us when we learn the power of putting others first. It’s what we’d want if we were hurting.  When we are in pain we seek only the empathy of others.  When others areContinue reading “Empathy The Power Of Compassion”