3 Self Love Exercises Everyone Should Practice

So I talk about this all the time if you’ve been following me for a moment. We do so much for everyone else we seem to have a knack at neglecting ourselves. Self Love – How Much Time Are You Making For It? We are busy with work and wanting to give to others. WeContinue reading “3 Self Love Exercises Everyone Should Practice”

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Perhaps I’m enamored with the idea of happiness because of all of my pain.  And needing to find a powerful way to deal with it.  Yes that is absolutely why I’ve spent so many years in reflection and so much time looking for answers.  And I found what I was looking for.  A powerful liberating way to turnContinue reading “Happiness Is An Inside Job”

Aim For Something

You’ve got to want more. I know you want more because it’s human nature. All of the most successful people in life have pretty high aspirations, but this is not about success.  I’m talking about joy.  Sustained joy.  Something that will sustain you and give you a deep feeling of fulfillment.  It’s that depth ofContinue reading “Aim For Something”