Best Selling Author Alka Joshi On Creativity, Staying Inspired And Success

Author Alka Joshi

Alka Joshi Talks Creativity And Success

I had the glorious pleasure of having Best Selling Author Alka Joshi on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast. We had an incredible conversation that left me feeling inspired and wanting to read more of her work.

I’ll start by saying not only because I’m fan, but because I’m an avid reader, her book The Henna Artist was an exceptional read.

She is a phenomenal writer and I was truly drawn head first into this marvelous story that takes you off into a colorful world in the heart of India’s Rajasthan.

I of course had dozens of questions for Alka Joshi.

I wanted to know all about her writing process, tips for writing well.

What she recommends new writers do to hone their chops?

How she goes about being so intricately detailed and poetically artistic?

I wanted to know what success tasted like as a writer later in life?

Alka Joshi
Alka Joshi On The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast – Episode #60

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast #60 Creativity And Success With Alka Joshi

How Alka Transitioned To Becoming A Writer

In her previous life Alka had spearheaded a successful marketing firm and did the whole corporate thing for decades before leaning into her writing.

She shared very candidly about her journey from the corporate world to this nudging feeling of needing to create having wanted to be an artist in her younger years. 

We agreed that she is a true artist and the page her canvas, her poetically crafted sentences her paint. 

She shared great insights about creativity, her own right process. We talked about her second book which lead to her sharing about a third one that is coming out soon and a fourth one that is in the making. 

I also wanted to know as a writer and creative myself what she does to stay inspired? 

And of course, the obvious question – what advice she has for aspiring writers?

It was an insightful conversation full of great insights and wonderful thoughtful guidance. 

If you’d like to know more about Alka you can check her out on her website or on instagram where she is very active and always posting helpful tips and tricks for writers. 

Her instagram 

Check out her second book – The Secret Keeper Of Jaipur

And I will be more actively breaking down my 3 favorite takeaways from each episode for those who are limited on time and may not have 35-45 minutes to listen in.

Although these days – technology makes it almost impossible to not be able to tune in. 

Your cell, your car, bluetooth, AirPods and the train or your evening jaunt with your device on speaker phone. 

You can see some of my other work at 

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Best Selling Author Alka Joshi On Creativity, Staying Inspired And Success

Author Alka Joshi



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