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Living in your light is the most pure way for us to live.  We resist so much in life only to come to find that resistance is truly not the path or way.  Life presents opportunities and abundance when we least expect it.  Life offers us so many chances at soul growth.  It truly is up to us to want to embrace the challenges for our own betterment.  The struggles are about evolution.  In contemplation of every challenge that presents self we are given an opportunity for reflection.  We are offered up a chance at deeper inquisition?  We can be in resentment of what is.  We can reject what is?  Or we can live into the struggle powerfully.  We can ask the universe why in a philosophical way.  “Why me” is not the same as simply “why?”  Those of us interested in sincere transformation recognize a potential gift in the difficulty.  There is a way of approaching from a place of victimhood or there is a way of embracing what is to learn the deeper lesson.  We can do either.  And the choice is truly ours.  How we react and how we interpret what happens to us is based purely in our own self awareness and ultimate self-preservation.  Do we hunker down to the battles and struggles or do we take them and rise up.  We are stronger for it.  The toughest people out there generally have fought some of the toughest battles in life.  Life requires bravery and boldness of us.  When we step up and step out we begin to live in our most awesome light.


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Live In Your Light | Be Bold

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