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Next Level Mindful Communication is my signature training. After having spent more than a decade as a network journalist and now host, Mindfulness Trainer and energy worker I've incorporated my years of expertise in mindfulness with my deeper understanding of communication. I teach you how to show up in ways that elevate the dialogue, take your communication the next level and change the game. Go deeper with all of those around you by learning the #1 way to communicate with anyone and everyone in your world. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

I'm a straight shooter and I help you get to the heart of your communication matter with practical guidance that will take it to the next level. There is indeed a more powerful way to show up in life. We don't have to have surface level exchanges. We can have more meaningful conversations with all of those around us. There is so much more to our relationships and to those around us. We can have heartfelt exchanges, we can alleviate the conflict, we can share from the heart without compromise and more compassion.

You're in the right place.

real results

“Sue changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am with my business or my realtionship if not for her.”

If you are looking for someone who is on another level and can help take you there, then it's Sue. There is no one else out there with her background, experience, awareness and deeper understanding. You will come out transformed and seeing things like you've never seen them. Yes, even with that person who's been driving you crazy! 

- christine, mother, wife


“I never knew how great it could be working with a teacher who GETS it. Sue really gets it.”

When I say she gets it I mean she's an empath. She understands. She brings so much deeper awareness. She was filling in all the blanks for me. She knew exactly what I needed to do to overcome this cycle of hardship I've been stuck in. 

- rachel, photographer


Ways to Work Together

LITE Look Inside To Enlightenment
Mini Course

Learn the powerful process of Self-Inquiry. Going inward and finding the answers inside will be your greatest soul discovery.

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Next Level Communication Training

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Next Level Communication Course

This is my signature communication course that will take your communication game to the next level.


This free 35 minute training sesssion with me jam packed with insights and actionable tips you can begin applying to your life right now. Yes, even with that most difficult person.

next level - The course

This is the communication course that is hands down the most transformative teaching you will find. 


You've struggled to get your point across and are over the drama. Learn the #1 way to communicate, elevate the dialogue, let go of the b.s.

This is not just a course, but a transformative next level course that will have you going deep within to level up how you arrive to each and every exchange. You will come out of this transformed and seeing the world in ways you'd never seen. Your relationships will evolve along with your own evolution. 



Get my free training that is jam packed with actionable tips and guidance. 

I've taught countless people just like you to communicate powerfully. Mindful communication is the #1 way to communicate. We learn to listen better, receive better and show up with greater presence for all of those around us. We then apply the actionable steps that allow us to go deeper and elevate the dialogue. We no longer need to have surface level conversations and we inevitably deepen the bonds between us and all of those around us. 



If you are looking for actionable tips and a better way. If you have a difficult person in your world. 

Social warrior

Do you love connecting, talking, sharing and having heartfelt exchanges, but just can't get there?


You've struggled to get your point across and are over the drama. Learn the #1 way to communicate, elevate the dialogue, let go of the b.s.

We are all struggling in some way and our biggest hangs up and hardships many times go unheard. We walk through life with unexpressed thoughts, repressed feelings and resentments. We may be estranged from loved ones with heavy hearts or idle along without ever going deeper and having those more heartfelt exchanges that enrich not only the conversation, but our lives. 


I'm finally able to show up in the world and speak from my heart. I was so afraid to show my other side and have deeper conversations. I was never taught how to do this. Sue's training and course showed me exactly what to say and how to say it. 


real results

chantal reconciled with estranged loved ones

“I went from barely speaking to any of my family to a whole new world.”

Sue showed me how to go deeper with myself so I could get to the root of my struggle. I didn't see it this way until she showed me to see it in this other way. There was so much about my situation I could not see. 

- Chantal

liane stopped worrying about conflict

“Finally, I don't have to live in fear of more drama! She's right there is a better way.”

People do change. I changed and my boyfriend changed. We both learned how to use Sue's easy technique to let go of the b.s. and live and love more powerfully. We are more in love now than ever before. 

- Liane

jasmine stopped worrying about social anxiety

“Finally, I can just be me. I'm not worried about other people anymore. I'm more social now.”

- Jasmine

My Manifesto:

“learn to go deeper so life can feel richer. bring your most heartfelt you to the fore.”

- Sue dhillon



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Get started now for free with my signature offering. The Ultimate Self Inquiry Guide. Yours for free. 

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I can't wait to help you level up your communication. Sign up below for my Next Level Communication Training jam packed with actionable tips, insights and wisdom to get you seeing communication, your world and all of those in it in a whole new way. over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 

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