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I'm an avid writer and a voracious reader. I'm a former network tv journalist. I also happen to be the host of the fastest growing inspirational podcast - Blossom Your Awesome. I'm a practicing energy worker and Mindfulness Trainer. I've been called to teach, write, share, learn, grow and inspire. Join me! 

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Self Improvement is a life long journey. It takes deep inward focus and resolve to continue on the narrow path that opens up the expanse of so much more.

Learning to live in a heightened state of present awareness comes with practice. Where does one begin?

Getting going sometimes seems like the hard part. Staying activated is where the magic unfolds.
Let's activate.

Head space is constantly flooded with thoughts and perpetuities of yesterday and tomorrow. How do we get out of our heads and into our hearts? This is the power center of self help.

Practicing daily is where the resolve to improve is forged and vested. What does your daily practice to self improvement entail?

Let's Do The Soul Work

let's do this!

Come join me each and every week for new eipisodes of the blossom your awesome podcast. Tons of self-improvement and self-help guidance, actionable tips, practical advice with experts, teachers, authors and trainers.blossom your awesome with me and expedite your journey and let's learn, grow and evolve together.

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The fastest growing inspirational podcast. We talk about health and wellness, mindfulness and all things related to blossoming your inner awesome. 

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New episodes drop twice weekly. I've got awesome experts, teachers, trainers with powerful insights offering practical guidance and actionable tips. 

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actionable steps

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How is that even possible?

let's explore together

unimaginably powerful conversations

the podcast brings you detailed guidance to get you there - one actionable step at a time on your self-improvement journey.

The conversations i'm having offer perspectives from authors, teachers, trainers, doctors, healers and experts.

well part of my mission is to show you it's possible and this is what we explore every day on the blossom your awesome podcast. We are taking a deep dive into human potential and self-development.

journey with me while I inquire, ask hard questions and gain real insights with each and every expert on each and every episode.

food for thought with each conversation. invocation of ideas. evocation of emotions. That's my m.o.

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A contemplative space is the most empowered space to live from. Go deeper with yourself. There's always more. This little gem of a freebie will take you there. click this box.

self improvement is a life long journey.
It's an on going practice of learning, growing and evolving always. I'm here for you. Reading, writing and having powerful conversations on the blossom Your awesome podcast.
I'm asking questions and getting guests to offer practical self help and self improvement tips that are easy and applicable.
Be sure to listen in and check out the blog.
And download a freebie or two so you can begin doing the work and fast pace your soul growth journey now! 

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