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It is finally here. The Podcast is live and going full tilt.

In Episode# 1 Of The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast we are talking about mindful communication. My book Heart To Heart: 10 Steps To Communicating Mindfully and Connecting Deeply breaks it down for you step by step.

In the first episode I’ve kept it short and straight into learning and elevating our awareness. We are talking about the art of listening; How powerful it is and how learning to listen better can transform your life and deepen all of your bonds.

It’s truly a game changer. And while there are multiple steps to powerful communication this is one of the most powerful. Just practicing this alone will give you so much insight into going deeper in life.

Our most powerful moments in life happen when we are in total presence with another connecting deeply. There is nothing more powerful than this. And the better we learn to apply this to our lives and apply it to all of our encounters we find life becomes richer, more full of depth.

Moments are sweeter. We have greater empathy and compassion. We are moved and touched deeply in this discovery. It’s here we begin the shift.

And as an added bonus to this first episode you can download the worksheet here if you want to go deeper with the practice of listening.

Blossom Your Awesome Episode #28 – The Healing Power of Self-Hypnosis With John Moyer Blossom Your Awesome

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast #28 – The Healing Power Of Self-Hypnosis With John Moyer. On this episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I'm talking to world renown hypnotherapist John Moyer about the healing power of hypnotherapy. And here's where this gets awesome – you can SELF – Hypnotize for free. John himself has hundreds of guided audio programs on youtube where he has amassed a following of more than 200,000 followers. His guided audio hypnosis tracks have garnered millions of listens. John is a former award-winning comedian who had a profound awakening of his own after witnessing a hypnotherapist on stage doing his magic. In that moment John knew that would be what he wanted to do. He says hypnotherapy has transformed his own life in the most magical ways and he now shares the power of healing your subconscious through hypnosis to lead a more dynamic and empowered life.    
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