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I’m Sue Dhillon a writer, author, journalist, Mindfulness trainer, and energy worker. After a series of traumas I was forced inward and have spent more than two decades on a journey of self discovery. As a journalist I’ve spent a lifetime in inquiry of so many things always in search of answers. Come journey with me. I’m talking to incredible teachers, trainers and inspirational people with some awesome insights. My hope is that my journey to inquire, learn, grow, evolve and teach through my life’s work will leave you feeling moved and joyful in some way.



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About Me

Thank you for stopping by. I’m Sue Dhillon, a journalist by trade, but a hippie nomad at heart.

I am here to share stories that will hopefully inspire you along the way. I love nothing more than to offer inspiration and hope along your journey.

It is my wish this space here will leave you feeling inspired. I am committed to having deep and meaningful conversations with insightful teachers and trainers who are full of powerful information, wisdom and love.

We’re talking about life after all.

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