Staying Motivated - 3 Affirmations To Live By

December 26, 2019STAYING MOTIVATED – 3 AFFIR

So one of the things I get asked the most, more than any other thing is how to not only get motivated, but stay motivated.

So there are practical ways to get yourself in gear. These are things that actually work. And yes you have to stick with it, do it and give it a few days, but honestly what’s a few days in the bigger scheme of things.

Time flies so please stick with me on this. I’m a Reiki Master. I know a thing or two about energy.

It’s all energy and that’s what it all boils down to you. You are a powerful creation and you are capable of so much. You have to learn to trust yourself and develop your intuition. Hone in on it. Download the LITE Guide for some help with that.

It comes by sitting with yourself and learning to go inward by way of application for the answers. That’s how you develop your intuition. It’s a muscle. And like anything you have to build it. The more you practice the better you become.

So getting started with motivation entails things like dreaming, a plan, an idea, a desire and passion.

And now here’s the big a-ha – those who go after what they want and get what they want really really want it.

So how bad do you want it? Ask yourself this. If you aren’t able to stick to your focused plan then you just don’t want it bad enough.

So that is the first step to getting motivated. There’s more to it and I have several breakdowns for you here and here.

And now I promise you again as I said earlier energy is everything. I work with energy and I attract and manifest things into my life with energy.

You and I are connecting right now not by chance, but by pre-ordination. It was already willed that you would come here, end up here and get something out of this. So if you’ve gotten this far I know and trust you trust me enough to put this into play.

I promise it works and I’m super excited you’re going to do this because you are going to begin to feel a shift. And the beauty of this is that the shift is pretty instantaneous. You don’t have to wait days and years to feel.

Feel me? Feel the vibe. Trust the process. Trust your own intuition and let the awesomeness flow into your life, into you and through you.

That’s how it works. We first allow it in. We tap into it, all of the awesome frequencies that begin with thought, the energy we manifest with thought. We materialize that into our circumference and the more we do this the more it blankets us. And the more we become this energy.

So we call upon it and call it to us. We sense it and we feel it near. And then we tap in and radiate it outwards. We enter flow. And we allow it to come to us. And then we allow it to flow through us and then out of us and we begin to externalize things around us. And we create the awesomeness we want to see in our life.

The Three Affirmation To Live By

  1. I Am Awesomeness
  2. I Create Awesomeness
  3. I’m Living My Most Awesome Life Now

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