5 Awesome Things You Should Do For Your Soul Everyday

5 Awesome Things You Should Do For Your Soul Everyday

There are things we do and then there are things we do that have a profound impact on our innerselves.

I’m talking about doing work that leaves you changed, better, more alive, more at peace. This is doing the soul work.

So here are the five actionable steps you can start taking right now – today, tomorrow and moving forward.

Like anything it might seem daunting in the beginning. Getting into the habit of things, creating a routine can be tough. You want to make this habitual so you begin to see the impact and even more importantly feel the impact.

  1. Begin your day with some inspiration. I’m telling you I do this every single day. I’m a coach and I also look out and seek out inspiration every single day. The start of the day is the best time to get going on this. I’ve read them all and I rely on some of the old school greats like Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn (my absolute favorite). And sure I might be a generation older than you so these guys might not resonate for you, but it’s not about who. It’s about how. Just get some inspiration going. And make it habit. Go with a younger guy like Jim Kwik, even Robbins he appeals to a broad demographic or Eric Thomas, he’s pretty exceptional. And again this is not about coming up with some excuse for why you can’t rather than saying yes she’s right. I can. That’s the line you need to be thinking along. You can. And this is an exceptional way to get the positivity flowing through you bright and early in the morning.
  2. Sit in silence. Self-reflect. Self inquiry is single handedly one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. By the way of going inward we find our real selves. Deep inside of ourselves is the essence of our being.
  3. Begin a journal. Let it out. Yes. This truly is an awesome thing to do for your soul. Daily. Yes. I mean that. Every single day. This will for starters help you and become an aspect of the self-reflection process. It will help you with number two – self-inquiry. It will also allow you to release tension and any pent up resentment or negativity from the day. It will also help you get clear on where you are and your feelings. It is such a powerful way to release anything you might be holding inside.
  4. Get in to nature if possible, or get moving. Something. It doesn’t have to be hyper active, full out movement, even a little qi gong to get the chi flowing, but something. Don’t be sedentary

Jim Rohn is an exceptional teacher and motivator. He is a true legend in the world of inspiration and motivation. For more check out Jim Rohn Personal message from Jim to you!

There are so many things you can do to inspire yourself. Reading is always a great source of inspiration. Even just a little inspirational, a quote or two if you don’t have 20 minutes or longer to devote to an all out reading session.

5. Exercise gratitude – This is quickie, but a goodie. Studies have shown gratitude is essential to happiness and a powerful tool and means to contentment, peace and tranquility. Check out this awesome article for a more in depth explanation of gratitude.


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