Our Struggle To Be Free

Our Struggle To Be Free

Life at times can be an absolute struggle and we may want to give up the good fight, but the freedom we long for keeps us going. We know and sense even in our darkest moments that there is more to this life. There is good in this existence. There is love to give. There is wonder to discover. There is magic to dispel. There are hearts to touch. And so much light still inside each and every one us to shine.

From a spiritual stand point it appears we all in some capacity are struggling for some deeper sense of freedom.

The contentment we long for and yearn for perhaps is that internal struggle for freedom in some way.

We struggle to get through life. The ups and downs and the not knowing. We were never taught how to survive the hardships. We are never taught how to deal with grief. We are never shown the way through and out of trauma.

We are taught how to add, how to read, how to write, but the skills and mechanism to cope are never taught.

Life is the hardest things at times. Nearly impossible to cope with in moments of despair and grief. We are left shunned and hopeless. We are at times left in pain and agony. We are overwhelmed with sorrow and in times like this we grieve another tomorrow.

It is my sincere belief that we are here to learn and evolve on a soul level. We are not here to breathe and occupy space. We are not here to acquire, but to evolve and elevate our awareness.

So how does one begin? Where does one begin?

We begin by going inward. We were never taught, but the seekers among have the will and drive to find the means to survival. And the great seekers among will know that we are not here to merely survive, but thrive. We must have zest in this existence and we must breathe life into our lives in order to truly feel alive.

It’s our never ending struggle to be free. And what I can share here is there is a true and profound way forward. We have soul and depth. We have vigor and might. And we can be so much more by surrendering to ourselves. We must sit in silence. We must ponder our existence. We must ask how we can do better. We are here to love and live a life that enables our most awesome selves to light up the world. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. So let us find the strength and the courage to free ourselves from our own captivity.

It’s a struggle, but know with a little bravery you will set yourself on a beautiful path and forge ahead to the light.

For help – take time out to self-examine and self-reflect. As my gift to you – download the Self-Inquiry – Awesome Inside Me Course for free and get in touch with your most awesome you NOW!

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